Anyone benching their Uniques?

Just created Tenontorex. Took it out for a test since 5001 trophies didn’t look like making top 500 after 3 days of not battling. Replaced Indomimus with it since both were lvl 21. Two tests to be precise. Replaced it back with Irex and don’t think it’ll be back on my roster until it reaches lvl 23. Perhaps by then it’ll live up to its Tyrant 7 status.

Anyone else benched their Uniques?

Yes, I created Turoamaloch yesterday and didn’t even try him. He is not good at-least at level 21.

Also created Thor 2 days and ago yesterday levelled him to 22, which now seems will be somewhat ok. I am at 4800± trophies.

Only magna, well because it’s magna… :rofl:


I’m tempted to do so with my lvl22 as well. But as much as I can conclude that just doesn’t help boost my rank. I can’t control who am I countering, neither can they. But this thing at very least is a boss in fighting tryko.

I actually benched Thor when at lvl 21. It is now at lvl 23 and performing much better. I reckon it’ll be similar with tenontorex but levelling it up will be difficult since tenentosaurus is so hard to find these days.

No idea why I see more tenotosaurus than before. But that was compensated by hardly saw 1 draco in 3 days

Which zone are those elusive dinos at?

I benched my lvl 24 dioraja. I feel trago at lvl 27 performs better. Tenontorex is a beast - it’s moveset counter the chompers perfectly

Tenontorex will be a beast if one can level it up. At level 21 and even perhaps 22, it’s just minced meat.

Mine is at lvl 24. It’s has the best moveset

I have loads of Trex 2 (7K+) & Dilo 2 (60K+) dna EXCEPT for Tenon dna (<100). Humbug.

Same as last update, zone 2

Created tuoramoloch age ago. It has never been part of my starting 8. Dioraja I created yesterday. Might end up in my team.

Since all I have is indoraptor I don’t think she will get benched er He will er It will!

I don’t want to upset the movie perfectionists by calling it he or she!

*She :wink:

The dinos were all created female, at least at cloning. :slight_smile:

No, Indoraptor is the only confirmed male.

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Hrm…I must have missed that somehow. I stand corrected then!

My Indoraptor is level 25 and I have never used it. Does that count?

Why? Oh why? Pray tell…