Anyone Buy Legendary Incubator?


Care to share any details on this?


Haha, nah I’m steering well clear of this. It will probably unlock a random level 1 2 or 3 legendary and we’ll never see enough DNA to level it up to a point where it’s useful!

But like you, be interested to hear from anyone who decides to splash the cash…


To create a legendary you need 200 DNA; so it guarantees you will create a legendary you just don’t know which one.

An example in arena 7 i recently encountered (today lol): player A uses 2 new random level legendaries, fresh, level 16. I use my level 20 einia, which overlevels and completely dominates both legendaries.

Player A spend 80~€ so lose fights and probably still will due to placements with both higher skilled (they know how to play and outplay) and higher levels. So far the 80€. Spend your money wisely; this would’ve been 8 months of VIP which results in over 1m of gold, over 10k of cash (1800~ cash / month) and who knows how many additional DNA from catching dinosaurs in the wild… I mean its up to you really.


Lol no thanks. Spent enough free cash on this game that I wouldn’t even bother to blow it on a legendary Dino that prolly will suck in my team anyways lol


Not paying so much money for so little, which is a shame because I am happy to pay for extras and support the games I like/play. In the beginning the amounts of money were acceptable, £5 - £15. The insane prices for this game now mean I have had to stop buying any extras and just play it without them.


Any chance these will return?


I bought one (yep I am stupid).
Since I only got 20 DNA for the Brachiosaurus from the strike event and was told I would get enough DNA to unlock it from the incubator I bought 1.
The DNA is for all of the long neck dinos but you should get enough DNA to unlock and upgrade the Brachiosaurus.


My gf bought the legendary incubator back in June. I can post the video in a few hours when i get off work if anyone wants to see what it had. I think that’s the one she got the Pyrritator from. And yeah, you basically end up with a cool dino that’s nearly impossible to level up unless you can still find the dinos needed to fuse it.


Oops ignore my previous post lol That was today’s Epic incubator


Did anyone else buy these as they are in store right now?


Was considering it. I need Rajakylosaurus DNA!!!


Yeah, I would’ve loved to get rajakylo’s dna. Well at least I was able to upgrade those two to level 22.


I did. Got Rajakylosaurus and Megalosuchus.

I also foolishly gave in and got more epic incubators for the sake of Alanqa. I now have enough unnecessary dna to level Pteranodon to 20 but the dreaded 10 dna fuses had my Alankylosaurus stuck at level 20 so I still can’t use her. :rofl::joy:


i would love that 200 tryo or some raja


I was just come here to ask this same question. :rofl:


I’m considering doing it


The risk with the legendary incubator is there are a pretty big pool of potential dinos. This works better for people who are still missing good number of legendary and want to collect. If you already have most of the legendary, may not be as worth it. Imagine paying for the incubator and only got yourself a Monolometrodon :scream:


I had some cash banked so bought one. Scored 200 Monomimus so I had a happy start to my morning since the funky chicken is my favourite.


Oh God now I’m tempted to buy it in hopes I get him too!!