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Anyone can explain pls


I used Monolophosaurus against Trex with Distracting rampage & strike, the next hit by Trex damage is 0, why when I used the same against Einiasuchus, it can hit with damage by the second strike…why?


Because damage boost and reductions are additive. If you reduce Einia by 100%, it still has a ferocious attack that raises its damage by 50%, so it will still have 50% damage. Better than 150% though!


Because the dmg reduction actually reduces the opponents dmg by 50% of his base dmg in absolute numbers. Therefore it stacks on the T-Rex (-50-50=-100%) so he does 0 dmg, but Einias Ferocious Strike buffs it again by 50% in absolute numbers, so its -50-50+50=-50%


Oic…thank you very much…


Thank you very much…understand now…boosted damage is excluded.


Has anyone confimed that two damage reduction attacks is supposed to cause damage to be zero? Is it a bug that will be fixed?


This issue has come up in prior threads. The consensus is yes, Monolophosaurus’s damage reduction attacks are functioning as they were programmed to. It’s not a bug, nor does it require fixing.