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Anyone can show me details of Quetzorion please?

Thinking of creating it or not, anyone help? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

not mine.


Thank you so much! ^^

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That delay on it’s rampage gives me pause. I was counting on having the option of swapping it in, tanking some damage thanks to dodge, and hitting with a turn one rampage.

You could use Sidestep and then Rampage!

Edit: It increases your speed too so you get to go next anyway!

3 abilities with ZERO damage, and the real damage one has a delay.

no, thanks. :roll_eyes:


With the state of dodge I’m not sure if she can afford to waste a turn side stepping. I’m not gonna give up on it yet tho

Yes agree… :roll_eyes:
1x turn one, if opponent use speed control is a bye then…

Maybe one of the best uses for Quetzorion is to take out other Zorions?

Or an Erlidom counter?

Heres a question for you, why does the legendary hybrid require to lvl 20 dinos to make? is not ever other legendary made from lvl 15s?

Legendary rarities require level 15’s to make. Unique is the rarity above legendary, and thats the one that takes level 20’s to make. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

That error has been fixed. Are you still seeing it?

Yeah its level 15 required to make Legendary or 20 if its unique!

Armour piercing strike does damage…

I’ve got it I like it alot… But in the age of Thor/tryk and the total stupid boost to damage they got - then it might not do well plus now it takes some damage from side step dodge…

yep, i didnt even mention that because of 1x.

Since the boosts to Thor and Tryko, I didn’t unlock any new hybrids as I don’t find them useful. Either too fragile like Erlikospyx (although she is Tyrant Tier I don’t think she is useful), have chosen Erlidominus over her as she is immune and can Cloak; either too weak like the new Maxima (yes she can tank hit but no way to kill Thor with the tiny attack she has). The lost of variety is not due to the evasion overhaul, it is due to Thor… -.- With evasion and Magna getting nerfed now, there is nothing left to kill a set-up full health Thor.

P.S. I do use Thor to maintain my place in the arena, do we have a choice actually? At 29lv my Thor is 6700+ health with nearly 2700 attack. What can stop her?

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I feel Erlikospyx might be really good against thor because of that 75% damage reduction attack, plus bleeds. Those two things Thor hates most

Plus Diplovenator exists, and from what im seeing, that thing can hard counter thor if its boosted high enough to match it. Working on both now to include on my team

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If it only had a counter :confused:

Priority speed increase is not good against Slowing or Decelerating move.