Anyone considering powering up Dracorex Gen 2?

That new swap in attack looks pretty tasty.

It is…Not worth leveling too much. That swap attack good at lower levels along with irritator gen 2 and baryonyx gen 2.

Just unlocked the Hybrid. It looks cool, just need more DNA to be useful. 16 isn’t much anymore. ALso was able to get the new Rex Gen 2 Hybrid. Very cool looking guy, but same scenario.

Show their stats pls

Use it at 15 and is cool to break that stegodeus shields xd there is a guy whit a lvl 27 one in top 50 xd

I’m probably gonna level mines until I get it’s hybrid. Even after I get it’s hybrid, I’ll still level it probably up to 20, no higher.

I was thinking about it. But with all the new dino’s just too many places to spend coin.