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Anyone els robbed of DNA bc the game disconnected?


I was shooting a epic Ankylosaurus and happened to drive high and McDonald’s that my wifi tried connecting to. The game refused to reconnect after I left the McDonalds area. Even Turner my wifi off but still nothing. Wth is wrong with it? 110 DNA gene from a epic i need!


Yes I did with a t-rex. Sometimes the reconnect works fine and you get your DNA but rarely it’s over… I tried for more than 15min with 4G back :sob:


Dang that sucks. I waited about 5 min till reloading the app.


I’ve lost DNA and one of my event attempts at dilophosaurus due to a DC. It was very frustrating.


Whenever it disconnects after I dart it and it screws me out of the DNA, the dino is usually there again for another try.


Not to disconnect, but the stupid “creature escaped” thing.


That is never the case.


When I leave the house I turn off the wifi on my samsung. You may want to try this. I found that if my phone wifi is “on” when I get near a weak “free wifi” signal it affects /effects darting abilities (jerky moves / freezes) and will occasionally disconnect JWA while darting. what is more irritating is darting an epic and some robo caller happens wanting to lower your credit card bills.


A couple days ago, I grabbed a dino I needed on the way home from work. When I got parked in my driveway and finished darting it, they game decided to have an update and reboot the game so I lost all the dna.