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Anyone Else Already Unlocked The Creatures From Recent Tournaments So Far?

Tbh, I don’t mind. Players somewhere around the world not having a certain creature yet is always a possibility so having like the 27th Gorgosaurus Tournament or so ever is fair and the extra resources you get from winning in Dominator League is a great plus. I also just realized how good the prize wheel is in Dominator League and how often you’ll actually get decent or even good rewards from it.

So far of the recent Tournaments since I came back to playing again the only creatures that were new to me I managed to win were Tupandactylus. Erlikosaurus, Kaprosuchus Gen 2, Edmontosaurus, Spinosaurus Gen 2, Dunkleosaurus, Gigantophis, and Dilophosaurus Gen 2.

Everything else like the recent Gorgosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Darwinopterus, and now this weeks Eryops Tournament was a creature I already had and unlocked a long time ago.

I’m just hoping next week’s Tourney Creature is actually new for me this time again after Dilo Gen 2.

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I won nearly everything from like the mata double onwards and CoT wise everything since I got lvl 60

All comes down to the player. Even as a Vet player I actually still have Eryops locked so this tournament is a godsend. I waited patiently for Eryops too.

Soon the time will come for unlocks of dinos you don’t have. Just up to Ludia as to ‘when’.


After 2+ years of playing, I have managed to unlock all but two of the legendary tournament creatures. It has been about 2 years since Eryops was available. I remember it being one of the first 2 tournaments I played, but didn’t have the ability to get into the dominator level at the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I like seeing new creatures as well, but don’t begrudge those of us who haven’t been able to collect the old ones. If you have Eryops, take the weekend off. When these older ones I’ve already unlocked come around, I sometimes take those weekends off. We all need a break once in a while.


Especially when these dinos have been offered up in CoT polls but players turned them down over other dino options.


image image image image image image image image no tupandactylus :sob: