Anyone else barley in an arena?

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I keep getting into Library by just a few trophies, then I get knocked back down straight afterwards :rofl:

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Been pinged between 4600 and 4700 trophies

I’m hardly in the arena. I only just started again yesterday. It’s literally a chore, go get it done as quickly as possible so you can get out as quickly as possible. I’m not even sure why, the incubators really aren’t worth it anyways lol.

Yeah lol. I like to get in there for the scenery, but it’s so hard to get and then stay there for much time.

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I bounce up and down between Lockwood Estate and Aviary every day.

I always have around 4800-5000ish trophies. Just like @Sean_Sperry, I keep immediately getting knocked back to Aviary once I hit Library.