Anyone else basically ignored all the dinos that are about to be useful?


Giraffatitan will fuse with Nodopato now. Dimetrodon gen 2 x Monolopho gen 2. And I’m sure many others, these are just the ones that stick out. :sob::sob::rofl::rofl:

This game might actually make me insane. :joy:


Literally just before reading the release notes I saw two Monolophosaurus at the park, and just ignored them as I always do. Came home, read them, and facepalmed. Of course they’ll fuse a legendary now.


I’ve seen TONS of them. I play on my hour to work and hour back, and my 40 minutes to visit my mom in the hospital and 40 minutes back. And as much as possible in between. So when I say a ton, I mean a ton. Going through all the different zones. So mad I’ve been ignoring them, I even said to myself that I was seeing Monolopho waaaaay more than normal and didn’t think anything of it.


I’ve just been so focused on finding a Rajasaurus because I only need 5 more Rajasaurus DNA to finish fusing Rajakylosaurus that I have been avoiding darting Commons and most rares for fear I’ll miss a Raja.


I don’t ignore most dinos I just didn’t prioritize them.


Exactly. I have them and maybe even leveled a couple times but definitely nowhere near making a legendary out of them.


I catch EVERYTHING. If it’s there to catch, I grab it. When I’m driving with the kids, I always have one of the kids on dino patrol. (Aka the Dino b**ch as we lovingly refer to the catcher as) I figured that they’d eventually make hybrids out of many of the gen 2’s it was just a matter of collecting, leveling them all to 15 and waiting.


I try to do the same. But when I’m driving and passing by things so fast I have to prioritize. So the gen 2s haven’t been high on the list, I figure they’ll eventually make hybrids of everything, but I wasn’t expecting it to be a couple of gen 2s so soon. Figured it would be more gen 1s for a bit then gen 2s as they ran out of options.


Haha poor fellas.

I dart everything because you never know.


Listen I totally try!! But I mostly play in the car where things fly by, I’ve had numerous times where I came out of darting a common I needed to bank DNA for, to come out and an epic I needed way more was juuuuuuust sliding out of my range. I try to walk and play as much as possible but I have two kids, job, and my mom’s been in the hospital for two months with some craziness you wouldn’t even believe. So between work, hospital, kids and lack of sitters… I’m stretched too thin to walk and play much. :disappointed:


That was to you. Haha


I think, subtly, Ludia is trying to tell you… Dart everything because someday you may be happy you did


I try to grab everything because I learned this lesson the hard way last time. But yeah, I was still skipping some. There’s a Dimetrodon Gen 2 spawn right near my work and I always just drive by it all day without grabbing it even though it’s there 90% of the time. Ever since I read about the update, it hasn’t been there…


I’m in the same situation, always had Dimetrodon and Monolophosaurus Gen 2 at the park but always ignored them in favor of more useful Dino’s. Same with the deinorcheirus unique incoming.


As many of you, I collect everything if I have enough time and enough darts (when I am home). I was shocked the first migration, v-raptor disappeard and I levelled her up to 17 before starting create the indominus that obviously took me ages to create then.
So yes I keep darting everything! But if I need, I prioritize and cross my finger for the future :sweat_smile:


I darted everything. Migration and new hybrids.

Just learn this will happen again.


I ignored dimetrodon gen 2quite alot now I wish I didn’t I’ve got loads of mono gen 2 tho


I often dart stuff I see around, but sometimes I don’t bother and Dimetrodon Gen 2 was one of those!


Hahaha! I always have a dino catcher on duty when I’m driving, too. I sometimes think I’m the only one this obsessed with the game, then I come to the forum and feel like I fit in perfectly!
I try to dart everything in range while my son (16-year-old gamer who’s soooo much smarter than his dumb ol’ mom) would insist it wasn’t worth it and would ignore some commons and would never level up anything that wasn’t used for a hybrid. Now I have to stop myself from saying, “I told you to dart them!” :joy:


Best wishes for your mom.