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Anyone else close to 100K?


I was all set to go as far as possible with monomimus, so gathered as much galli during events as I could… then rumors of the nerf started. I had about 40K when I stopped, but incubators keep giving me the stuff.

Anyone else with an insane amount of DNA for something?


My top 3 :sweat_smile::man_facepalming:t4:


That’s whole lot of raptor there! Wow! Haha…


Haha… that’s what happens when you Ignore your indo for 2 months :joy:
I thought I’d be short on them actually and still have 8 of the 9 raptors scents I bought still left over


Still trying to find enough Tany in the wild to get it to a usable level. Still has a long way to go though. I request it sometimes too. It just takes so much DNA to level up once it hits the 20s. I use the metahub chart to see how high i can level something and then just power level it in one sitting so i can use coins for other stuff until it’s ready.

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My Indo is so neglected because I’m trying to get my T-Rex to 30 before using it for fusing again. My whole team is 27-30 besides Indo (25) but it can do great things still if it’s lucky enough to dodge, or just be faster than what my opponent has.

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I have a bunch maxed out at the 200K level


Ohh for sure bro! Indo is one of those dinos where +/- a couple levels doesn’t make much difference… especially since when it’s indo vs indo it becomes an RNG evasive battle of lucky statistics anyway.

A level 30 Rex tho just sounds beastly! Haha, your Dino will have the strongest bite in the game!! :t_rex:

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Only about 2k DNA left until I can level it. I could use another T-Rex event for a boost since the spawns for it suck now.

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That’s amazing bud!

Apparently a metahub datamine believes there may be another Rex event on the way…
you may have a birthday coming soon!

(@Pocemon, 2018)

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Yes the new Monolometrodon seems not bad.
But still feeling not bothered to fuse.


Hahah fusing that seems like an all day job!

See if you can pay a 10 yr old $5 bucks to just keep hitting that fuse button until there’s nothing left :joy: