Anyone else constantly getting logged out of Google Play?

Since the last update, it feels as though the game as barely functioning with Google Play.

Trying to start a battle? We need to log you back in. Don’t worry, we’ll just cut connection with the other person on the receiving end, and they can try again for a battle. Oh, restart your game btw.
Win a tournament match? Wait 20 seconds after it’s finished, so we can log you back in.
Accepted a raid invite? We’ll log you back in, ask for another invite because we won’t be forwarding you.
Darted a dino? Hang on, we just logged you out.

This is the only game that it’s happening on. All other games keep me logged in for the duration of play, but JWA has gone from ‘raids log you out’ to ‘every action you perform logs you out’.


Certainly the google play issue with raids doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. I only raid with my alliance now since those who are unaware that I need the invite twice as I get logged out will no doubt be as fed up as I am with it.

The other issues happen periodically but nowhere near as often as the raid issue which happens every time.

And yes, this is the only game it happens with for me too. I haven’t seen Ludia say anything about this for a while either. Well apart from the odd response advising we contact support which is pointless.

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I am having the same issue with raids, its really annoying and I can only hope it will be fixed sooner rather than never

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I only have this issue with raids as of now and it is frustrating and I do raids by myself with 4 accounts and it’s only the google one that gives me issues and sometimes takes several logging out and back in tries to get into the lobby.

Yeah, same issues.
The most annoying is raids. You have to actually perform an input action to select your login info.
For all the others, it looks like it logs out and back in auto. So, I don’t need to input my details. But I get the animation on the screen saying that I just logged back in after darting a creature, finishing a battle, etc.

Yep. With raids, often I need two invites because the first will disappear after logging me out and back in, or will fail. I’m also randomly getting the login message after some arena battles or while spinning drops, although that doesn’t seem to affect gameplay.

What I don’t understand is this.

We get the odd ‘Our team is working on fixing this’ and other than that nothing.

So why not find out which programmer messed it up in the first place and work on finding out what went wrong. From there surely it can’t be that hard to put it right can it?

If it affected Ludia’s bottom end it would have been fixed pronto, just as the odd mess up in purchases being overly generous etc…. So what say you Ludia?

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It happens all the time!

I just had my first re-login of google after darting so this is a growing problem.

I am constantly facing this issue when accepting raid invites… it is extremely annoying. I am not too sure if Ludia has any reasonable update on this.

for everyone who’s having this problem u can log in with facebook and then disconnect google play, that worked for me, now I don’t have any problems joining raids

Having the same issue when I collect anything after a small amount of time, it is rather annoying but it still keeps me signed in so I guess it isn’t a major concern for me, just more of a nuisance.

I have noticed this past few days that every so often I get the game log me back into Google Play. Doesn’t seem to affect the game or my game play though.

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Same for me, when the relog in appeared first time, I thought it was a one off. But it started to happen more frequently these past weeks. Doesn’t affect gameplay, arena/raids/tourney (for me at least) and only started from 2.10 onwards, as far as I can remember.

I had it for raid invites since version 2.9 but now it starts to disconnect during battles, darting or just on the map. This is getting ridiculous. Any ETA regarding a fix to this issue? @Ned


Hey th3g3ntl3m4n, I’m sorry to hear that this issue is now happening outside of Raid invites. Sadly, I don’t have an ETA for a fix from our team yet but please rest assured that our team is still working hard to try and find a solution for this.

If you haven’t already, could I ask you to email our support team at with your support key so our team can gather some more information on the issue happening outside of Raid invites?

Thank you!

Hello Everyone,

Always when i receive a invite for challenge a boss ,when i accept the invitation a failure window appear, and a select google acount window appear everytime, they have to inviteme again to join, this has a fix?

its supossed my account is working and it was selected as default.
The window to join duration is so poor, it should be extended 3 more seconds.


As of today, post the Facebook connection issues last night, I am unable to get into raids. I accept the invite but it then asks me to log into my google account but doesn’t add me to the raid. Even repeat requests cause the same problem.

That’s been happening for the last couple of months, although usually works on the second invite.

I haven’t had it until today so I don’t know if mine is connected to yesterday’s FB down time or not.