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Anyone else constantly getting logged out of Google Play?

Welcome to the club. Ludia don’t seem to be too bothered. I believe it started after 2 updates ago. It was listed in the last release notes as unfixed issue. Would be surprised if it was connected to the Facebook issue if you don’t use Facebook to login.

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Absolutely it’s been happening for over two months now for those of us unfortunate enough to be affected.

It really does seem that Ludia aren’t in the slightest bit bothered though and this bug will just be added to the list of those that are never going to be fixed.

Such a shame.


We’ll probably have the app deleted before it is fixed.

Yup… Never in 20+ years of gaming have I seen such an utter disaster in implementing an update… So embarrassing.

For me it’s killed raids… I just can’t be arsed now.


This started a month or so ago after the update. Im playibg on android and my JWA account is linked with google play, before every raid it takes me to “choose an account” then I choose and I can get into the raid. After every raid a notification appears saying “Hi there “AccountName”” it is frustrating. Anyone having this issue? Tried to find a fix nothing worked so far.

It’s getting worse than ever for me. Hopefully, it’s a sign that they are trying to fix it instead of giving us more updates, power creep, and new dinos???

In fact, I’m now worrying sooooo much when an update is coming. Old bugs still not being fixed, and new bugs coming in. It’s the only game where we have to worry about updates…

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Some people say use Facebook to log in instead of google play. That’s all very well but I have 3 accounts which are easy to switch when I’m out and about using google play. How would I possibly do that with Facebook log in.

And what about those of us who don’t want one Facebook account never mind multiple accounts to allow for more than one account on a device with a sim.

What’s actually needed is Ludia to recognise what happened with google pay and their update two months ago. It doesn’t happen with any other game or app so it’s definitely something Ludia did.

I have to say I am very surprised that this issue is still here with so many players experiencing it.

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Every minute or so this notification just pops out of nowhere for me, annoying enough I have to go through that with the raid invites but this is worse as it has messed up my darting and pvp a few times