Anyone else dread this?

“Open 1 daily battle incubator”. Just seeing those words in the morning makes me want to just shut off the app and not bother for the day. Knowing that my choices are to either not get my daily epic dna AND lower my reward for the next time I can complete it painlessly, or to subject myself to the abject misery that is Jurassic World Alive Arena. Nothing kills any potential enjoyment I could get from the game more than having to sit through a dozen or so horrendously mismatched games against max boosted monstrosities I can do nothing against, not even able to get a single kill to get me one closer to the daily reward because everyone seems to love swapping out for no reason other than for a 3-0 victory that gives no additional rewards. This game is infinitely more enjoyable when you just pretend arena doesnt exist, and this just seems like a desperate attempt by Ludia to strong arm players into participating in this farce.


While the arena is flawed in pretty much every way, particularly for players who are more principled, i still keep my incs full at all times. Though im not going to lie, its not always easy to keep doing so.

I’ve been plaaying this game for years as a free-to-play, and while I understand the beginning of the season poses it’s challenges, it’s not impossible to get those wins. Also, it forces you to think outside the box more when possible. I have had many times where I have beat teams stronger than mine due to working around the fact my teams are just not as strong. I have fun in the process as well. If you kinda just accept the fact that PvP is the way it is, and use it as a learning tool, it becomes a lot more enjoyable. But that’s just me. :slight_smile:


I’ve been in the game since the beginning, also free to play. PvP hasnt been fun since stat boosts meant every game you would likely be flailing against opponents with dinos so far above yours in terms of sheer stat numbers that it was just ridiculous. Note that I never said anything about winning; I dont even entertain the idea of winning, all I can hope for is maybe getting 1 kill towards the daily incubator. And that assuming as I’ve said people dont just switch out to preserve the perfect win for literally no reason.

I dont know what possibly kind of ‘out of the box’ thinking can let you overcome dinos with such high attack they can oneshot anything on your team and with speed so high that even getting a speed up off on your own dino still wont outrun it. Short of dumping your life savings into the game there is no way to compensate for this. Arena is a farce, best avoided if you actually want to enjoy this game, which is what makes this daily mission forcing you into it all the more frustrating.

I just do 10 takedowns, claim the task, then move on to the hard ones.


I honestly havent been able to get a full row of incubators in years. I just dont hate myself enough to endure enough god awful battles to luck out and get a win from someone afk.

Must be nice when getting the 10 takedowns is easy. I’m guessing matchmaking doesnt shaft you as hard as others? Or you get lucky and dont have to deal with people going for the pointless 3-0 victory?

That and do 1 campaign mission ruin my day

My strategy when that happens… always go into battle aiming for one takedown. Any more are a bonus.
The more battles you drop, the easier it becomes to get that one takedown.
Then, before you know it, you’re back at winning battles.
Then before you know it again, you’re back where you started.
Wins and losses don’t really matter.
Just get those takedowns, cause if you don’t, that’s progress lost.
Any progress will ease these problems in the future :+1:t2:


Why do you even play? The only reason to do anything in this game is to acquire resources to level up your PvP or tournament teams.


I see the campaign missions and im like ugh this again. Good thing i dont need titanoboa so any time campaign comes up as a requirement, then im not going worry about it. As for the arena, i throw my team in there and see what happens. 90 percent of the time, move orders are always the same and the only deciding factor is rng.

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I have to agree with @W1ckety, 10 takedowns and move on to darting whats valuable near me.

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Not at all. There are multiple people who play just for the sake of collecting all creatures and couldn’t care less about Arena. One good thing about this game is that there is no specific objective, so you can play the way you want to and for whatever you want


Strange logic. You do not want to battle and therefore voluntarily give up on very valuable resources you would get from incubators (mainly boosts, but also coins to a certain degree) but do care about not getting 100 epic DNA a day?

The only daily mission thy should remove is the “do 3 campaign battles”. Everything else you easily achieve by just playing the game. But re-do campaign missions I already have done hundreds of time is just stupid…


If you feel that way, you should definitely uninstall JWA. This game is not for you. Try something else :wink: Most users should feel thrilled about going into the arena and facing different challenges. This game is PvP based, PvP battles are its foundations. For collector games there may be better options out there. I’d encourage everyone who feels this frustration to quit JWA and look for something more appropriate.


So for me, getting the takedowns is easy as well, even though I continuously fight lvl 27+ boosted thors and co. Even though they may be boosted and much higher level, I still have fun with it. Also, most droppers don’t seem to go for 3-0 wins, but I feel bad for people who have to deal with the ones who do. And finally, it does seem like the droppers are terrible at battling. I can almost beat groups of lvl 30’s with my lvl 21-22’s.

It’s pretty nice.
Matchmaking and RNG effects me like everyone else.
You somehow ended up too high in the arena if you cant get any takedowns.
The quick fix is to hit battle, put down the phone, and watch TV, do dishes, work, etc and repeat till you drop an arena.
You will eventually get back to where you belong at a 50/50 win rate.

Unfortunately, this is the case. I do this while walking my dogs, or during movie time with my S/O. I avoid going past 5k+. I have 2 level 30s but previously used to pray that I would get them on my team. I probably win 80% of my battles. Possibly higher.

Why would I waste my time battling multiple times when I can easily drop a few hundred trophies, and keep my incubators stacked 24/7. I sometimes play 100+ battles in a day to help my alliance, so this happens multiple times each week.

Plus, grinding losses also helps your alliance go for tier 10 rewards. Why win 1.5k battles when it counts the same whether you win or lose.

Doesn’t bother me at all. It’s a part of the game and doesn’t take long to do. Plus, even if I don’t need the DNA rewards someone on my Alliance might well do. It’s worth it to help others out.


Exactly. There’s unfortunately benefit to dropping, but it’s up to the users to decide to try it. If they don’t, they’re only hurting their gameplay and their alliances’ chance for rewards.