Anyone else dying to know?


I think overall the tournament was pretty cool. Yes we went up again people that negatively impacted our rank, but overall I had fun. I am curious to know how much of an increase ludia had from people buying incubators to try and level up faster to win?..:thinking:


I wasn’t buying incubs because i wanted to win, i was buying them to level up so my team would stay in one arena and not be continually dropped by cheaters that were allowed to participate.


Lockdown was (and still is) a mess. At one point, i actually got slightly above 3000, and was sent into freefall almost to 2500 by a string of level 20+ dinos.


First couple of days I cared about the tournament but I’ve been stuck around 3500 give or take for ages now so just went back to playing to get free incubators


I normally do that, but until the arenas calm down, getting my free incubs takes a while.


So every now and again, i spend like 20 dollars for game cash, converting it to coin when needed. I save some for whenever i need an extra boost to DNA.


I got frustrated and bought a premium and instantly regretted it. Ugh…I am hoping the migration brings ankylos, Erliks, and monos to my area more frequently.


Hi @Vasilli08 what location are you in?
I’m L1 and those 3 are ones I desperately need too! They never pop up here and even when I’m out traveling or just running around they’re few and far between.
Definitely looking forward to the migration and change in fauna.


Pacific Northwest…Washington State.