Anyone else feel like tournaments aren't worth the effort?

I used to love playing tournaments, but just recently, I don’t feel like the rewards are really worth it.

Last week was a perfect example: I battled for around an hour, and I got just 1450 Draco2 to show to for it. I mean… I can get 2000 Draco2 from my alliance members, and I don’t have to do anything except tap two buttons to request it.

It’s just constant RNG fights, hoping to get the right counters. The battles now take forever, and it’s not uncommon to win or lose 3-0 even with skill battles.

I’ll still get my takedowns, but trying for a high score? I think I’m finished with it for now, unless the rewards become… well, rewarding.


The tournament rewards are very underwhelming, and for me, battling in advantage tourneys are pretty much useless because there’s no way I’m getting close to placing well except maybe the unique tourney but probably not still. Skill tourneys are a different story, but I’m steadily working towards having a good team for every rarity. The rewards could definitely be better. It would be nice if we received coins for winning battles, as well. The end of the season rewards are great, though, including the arena rewards.

Oh yeah, I agree with you there. That’s the reason I always get my takedowns done.

I think some coins would be nice, even if we won them at half the amount of a regular arena battle.

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I only do tourney for 10 kills. When it’s coin tourney, I do extra battles. Otherwise no

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I get the necessary takedowns and get out of there asap.

The supposed ‘skill’ tournaments are far from it …. It’s down to speed ties and whether you draw the best 4 every single time. No fun whatsoever.

The advantage are usually good fun if it’s uniques as I have a fair few high level and boosted, but anything else and it’s even worse than the skill.

Tournaments have become the go to for so many players to flex their boosted common, rare, epic and legendary creatures and good luck to them. It’s hard enough to keep a team relevant for pvp without building 4 more teams for tournaments.


Tournaments use to be fun until they changed it and we have so many legendary and unique now especially unique advantage. It’s very boring and long battles. All the health regens and the flocks make for long boring battles.


I can’t disagree with that @Phil and that’s exactly what the pvp has become too.

Although I said I like them, it’s only because I have a fighting chance to get the necessary 10 takedowns quicker with the unique advantage. Providing I don’t meet the bring dinos that suck the fun out of the game like flocks and Testa that is!!!

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The tournys are not skill zournys. Just manipulated by system. The one should win will win. It is obvious since that tourny even more. Isually playing with lvl 26-28 and win most of the time against 28-30. In tourny drop down from 795 to 680 …
If i get resi they get fierce if i get cunning they get resi. All controlled by system

Also ludia always nerfing the dino of the month and let the op dinos as they were. They call that watching the Performance of pvp. Testa and other still op but nerf skoona that speaks for itself

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I used to enjoy skill tourneys, but now that battles take 5+ minutes each, I don’t have the time or patience to try for a high score. I cannot stand deer vs. deer or anything involving flocks. I get my takedowns and get out.


I do not even do the advantage tournaments. I only do the skill. I still do get my 10 kills in advantage to help my alliance but I just do not have the coin and a million boost laying around to build like 5 different teams.

I personally like what you call long and boring battles. The skill tournaments are fun for me because I like it when I can use my brain instead of knowing I will lose when I see highly boosted creature from 28-30 that my team can not do anything against. The skill tournaments for me are a great way to take a break from the normal arena.

I really don’t understand the constant hatred spewed towards tournaments.

Tournaments are definitely worth the effort. It’s not really about the weekly rewards, in my opinion. Those rewards are just token prizes for your effort. It’s really all about the end result, the monthly reward for a full tournament cycle. That’s the true prize for doing tournaments.

Some people don’t like Skill tournaments because of speed ties and long battles.

Some people don’t like Advantage tournaments because of dino levels and boosts.

But I’m sure ALL people love getting their FREE Unique at the end of the month, not to mention all of the other Legendary, Epic, Rare and/or Common DNA that goes along with it.

Hate tournaments, but love getting a free Unique? Then just do your 10 takedowns and move on with your day. Easy peasy.

Hate tournaments, love getting a free Unique AND you want top prizes every week? That’s a little harder to achieve, as it should be. You have to grind to get there or open your wallet. Your choice.

please ludia for the last time make tournaments only epic and rares i miss them so much. No more legendary and unique tournament

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I’m not talking about Skill vs Advantage. I’m talking about Legendary and Unique tournaments in general as well as the flocks and regen moves like the deer.

Exactly. Championships are a team effort and reflect team strength. I’ve always liked tournaments until the format changed earlier this year. Now the fun is gone. I still do my best regardless of what it is fort the team. All my boost are into rare and epics and I have almost full teams of those at 30/30. When it comes to legendary and unique I use my epic and rare since that’s what I’ve invested in.

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Individual tournament rewards are ridiculous given the hours needed to be ranked properly (if I remember correctly it was 12.5k draco2 for being top250, just run a giga scent you will get more and won’t risk breaking your phone because of speed ties). The alliance championship rewards are good for an optimised team effort, 10 takedowns and done.

they are worth the monthly reward - and if you are very skilled and have all the newest dinos unlocked, or if you have huge dinos for advantage, it’s worth the coin/cash/dna/boosts. However, my question is, how worth it is it to slog through the ridiculousness that battles have become, especially when it comes to skill. Ten minutes of testa vs tests, or 10 minutes or argenteryx vs argenteryx - to me I have to ask myself, do I want to spend my entire weekend fighting to climb a laddar I may not climb after hashing it out through long battles that could be shorter if meta was changed? That’s my issue with tournaments: battles are now too long.


I mean if you level 20 you get unique but even if your low level you get some dna

Yea those are a pain especially advantage.