Anyone else get like 40,000 gold and an epic incubator from daily chase

i got like 900 epic dna and like 1500 rare dna and 37,000 gold. i leveled my tryo to 21 yesterday, now its level 22 and ready for lux raids. my brother only got an emote and 2500 gold tho. is this a glitch or am i just lucky

nope. nice luk tho.
i got some coin and an emote.

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oh, i thouht that they actually listened and i would start making like 3 big upgrades a week for now on. i suppose it is better that you get a chance for it tho

What luck, I got 2k coin, 2 speed boosts, less than 1k common dna, and 29 rare dna

Today on things that never happened …

I got the equivalent of an epic incubator. 15000 coins and epic, rare and common DNA with the emote! The other account only 2500 coins and 5 speed.

@Colin Your brother must have been absolutely delighted to see you get all that from the chase this week.
Just as I am when I just got 1250 coins and 2 speed boosts.

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7500 coins and 5 speed on one account and 2500 and the Smilo emote (for the 3rd or 4th) and 2 speed on the other.

Both were right on top of the chase as well (within 2 metres)


I got a repeated smilodon emote

quite useful.


1250 coins.

I was happy with that.

Until I read this thread…


I got an emoji…

woooooww Lucky you!!!

u got the EMOTE???
runs to iPad

he was like oh, how come u get that, but not me