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Anyone else get scr*wed by TapJoy?

So I started a 5 step offer for the game Age of Z, ultimately you get around 16k hard cash when you reach level 18 in your main hall… I did that, they rewarded me for everything up until level 18. I opened a support ticket a week ago, and they told me they would have to set it off to the advertiser. They finally came back and said that the advertiser said I was ineligible because I did not continue playing the game, I showed them proof that I was still playing the game, now they are telling me that I did not complete it in the time frame. And even though I have showed them multiple proof that it was done with 4 days left on the offer, they keep giving me the runaround at this point. They still owe me 9,000 hard Cash!

Yep I’ve been screwed multiple times, especially if it’s a city builder game, if your not in-game to get the achievement then it won’t count in Tapjoy which is stupid

It ridiculous, they started off telling me I was ineligible because I didn’t continue playing the game, and when I proved that, they changed your story to I didn’t complete it in time. And I’ve shown them screenshots where there was days left and they just don’t care. And Lydia doesn’t help at all…