Anyone else get the new emote?

My girlfriend got it and a rare incubator from the treasure chest yesterday.

Its a smilodon getting hit by snowballs


I haven’t seen any treasure chests, so no. Do I have to dig them up from snow? lol


Got it today, I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of it before

Since there is no treasure chase,no

I saw a player putting his emote in tournament.
But sadly No treasure chase near me.

I got it today.

Yea I only got coins and a few speed boosts both days.

I haven’t seen a treasure chest all weekend so no.

Got it in my treasure. And coins.

Out of 4 family members, 2 got it. Sadly I was not one of them

Better be another way to get this as a lot of ppl don’t have the treasures spawn at all for some reason.

I got it while my boyfriend was right next to me and grabbed his chest in agony while he didn’t