Anyone else get this feeling right now


Yeah it’s boring

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Today I have been wrapped up in bed with illness, so a seven step strike tower next to my house actually was a blessing.

Normally though I find them annoying as I don’t want to stand outside someone’s house for 20 minutes trying to complete it. I feel I’m being watched by the neighbours and it is uncomfortable.


It helps with the daily missions, and alliance missions.
I have one in range too, so I’m not complaining.


I missed out on 2 yesterday… so I am not complaining… I’m just happy I got one today…smh

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This but not near my house (there was one, but I was at the park at the time) so I had to stay for the 7 step epic strike and the golden strike and the blue cap strike. My hands were freezing and I didn’t have my TS gloves.

I remember the December after the pterosaur release. I had not seen a pteranodon in the wild anywhere and then one day it appeared on the edge of my map - on a day with heavy snowfall and below 0 temperatures. By the time I got out there, darted it and got home I was almost frozen into a block of ice so I feel your pain. :snowflake:


If I have a 12 battle daily mission it doesn’t suck quite as much, but yeah.
They are probably the #1 cause for people calling the cops on me.

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People call the cops on you if you stay too long in 1 place?
The worst I’ve had with standing in 1 place for about 30 minutes was having a crazy young lady (probably in her early 20s) start accusing me that I’m apparently summoning demons while she watched from the other side of the road. What was I doing? I was just taking a gym in PGO while the gym defenders kept feeding gold razberries (which reset the battles required to take down a defender).


I had the 12 battle mission today, and of course I was missing 7 battles, exactly as much as the strike had. It also was next to my house, so no standing in front of a neighbor’s house like an idiot :ok_hand:

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Lol the thing is why seven like five be good but seven or remember that 10 step strike a while ago they just get boring after awhile


I hate the longer strike events for the same reason as @Colin_Goodman - I can’t help but feel that I look dodgy when I’m standing outside someone’s house for 10-20 minutes using my phone.

Now, when they appear in my house of course, I’m okay with them (still get bored of 'em though, I wish you could just tap a “Continue” button rather than constantly loading up the map and loading up the battle set over and over again).


I have said in the past that there should be a continue option rather than defaulting back to the map.


I do agree that it’s really boring. But hey, at least it helps the alliance missions.

I actually really liked the many step ones, as towards the end I was avoiding the arena like the plague so was good to rake up a few win counts for missions!

Plus it gave me something to do :slight_smile:

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Lol seriously?? That happened?? Damn man thats hilarious

There used to be this old lady that would hang around my grandparents house on the side of the road yelling profanities at “Us (as in people in general) and the ambassadors”…I still don’t know what she was on about lol

She was at the same park the second day, and I was walking with my father. She started threatening us, so I filmed her while she was threatening, and I went to the police and showed them the recording. On that same day she went to the mall and also found us there and tried to block us from exiting. Anyway, I think the police eventually found her as I haven’t seen her in over a year now.
But man, the stuff she was saying on video… that she was sent by a certain higher power to make everyone from the park leave because we’re all sinners and demons … she even tried to whack a kid with her umbrella.

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Yup thats a looney toon right there

There is an old one that comes to the park too, but she’s easier to spot and avoid. This one was young, and at first I thought she was going to ask me for directions or something. She looked like she was sane…

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