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Anyone Else Getting Weird PvP Battle Glitches?

I’ve already filed a bug report, but am curious – is anyone else having trouble choosing a move in player vs. player battles? In an earlier battle today (I’ve completely blanked out on which dinos were involved, sorry), things were progressing normally when suddenly a full turn went by where I never made a choice – the system just picked a move for me and executed it as soon as the timer started. I decided to ignore it and continued the match… But now I’m watching my level 20 Tarbosarus and a level 21 Diorajasaur stomping and roaring at each other for ALMOST TEN MINUTES after the move timer hit zero and have still not been given the ability to choose my next move.

Is anyone else seeing this kind of stuff, or am I just lucky…? <8-(

UPDATE: I finally force-quit the app, waited about a minute, then went back in. The results are weird: I have more trophies than when I started, which means I won the battle… but only 2 additional kills are listed (just made the “Defeat 10 creatures” target) and no new incubator, which means I lost the battle. LUDIA, PLEASE FIX YOUR PRODUCT, VERSION 1.7 IS A BUGGY MESS!