Anyone else hate the move replenish swappers


It is how the game works but it is a cowardly move if you ask me and it is something I would love to see changed! Btw this is not directed at raptor pounce solely because raptor is still a glass cannon but st any dinosaur with a devastating move that normally has a 2 to 3 cool down! Why even have a cool down if it is defeated by swapping!


What is killing me is the increased number of animals that can attack you two, sometimes 3 times, before you get a turn.

But, i’m working on ways to defeat them.


Try dinosaurs with Immunity, high HP or cleansing abilities

I hope I could help


Lol yeah indominus move refresh swappers suck especially when they get lucky have fought a few of those


The issue with this is their stun works and yours doesn’t!

That is the lucky part!

One thing that should immediately be changed is allowing a swap while stunned! If you’re stun works you should get your shot not allow the opponent to swap to a faster dinosaur and kill you!


You can switch while being stunned. You can try, it works


Don’t get me wrong I also use swap to help me win but not to replenish moves! The game should count a swap as a move and apply it to the cool down! For example indominus can’t swap and cloak immediately!

Unless I am missing how cool down works because using the armor rampage after cloak is one! If you swap that is two when you come back in you should not be able to cloak but apparently you can and take out opponent 2 if cloak holds with rampage! Swap to a fresh loaded dinosaur take damage! Swap back to indominus cloak and win! Basically your opponent gets no moves at all!

Now if cloak fails at any time indominus is a glass cannon!


I just played a round with someone… can’t remember his name or the dinos involved… but he got in 5 straight attacks before I got one move. 2 in a row took out my steggy. The next 3 were against my allo.

Needless to say, I lost with zero kills


Even when it says end turn?


It never said that. I was waiting for that so I could swap.

He might’ve been a cheat, but I am reluctant to accuse people of that.


It was, incidentally, one of those where the countdown screen locked and I had to restart.


Sorry Cardi

I was responding to someone else! The forum can be confusing

Was responding to Bapt5918


I think the swap is fair because of the free attack you gain on the new opponent’s dino. Just need to think about anticipating what the opponent will do, if you think he will swap dino, then do not use the minor attack to finish the current one but consider the possibility to waste a powerfull attack that can stun the fresh new enemy, for example. :wink:


Indom swapping to refresh cloak is so broken regardless of free attack on the swap good luck stunning immune creature


Plus the free shot will be useless against a fully charged dinosaur! They take the hit swap back and hope cloak holds!

If it does they slam you with the double hit!

Swap out to another fully loaded and rinse and repeat!

There are very few dinosaurs that can be killed with a single shot!

You can decimate an opponent with indominus
and 7 tanks in your team 3 to zero! Although the odds that a cloak will hold 3 times in a row is very high but it can still give a major advantage if it only works twice


I don’t know how to say this without sounding rude but you just sound salty because you don’t know how to counter pick / having bad luck.


My whole point is just to make a swap count as a move towards cool down! It would only affect dinosaurs with long cool downs!

Why even have cool down! Just let everyone use any move at any time!

Cool down is designed to make really good defense and attack moves more fair in the game!


I agree that cooldown should keep working after swap; at the same time, I love it when players start swapping a bunch. Free hits all day.


Not salty over bad luck! I except that! Salty over people exploiting a loophole that was never intended to be used!

People were complaining about swapping out raptors to get pounce again but that is not exploiting this loophole as it only has a 1 cool down any way


Not really, if they switch to a faster dinosaur, you only get one free attack.