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Anyone else have this?

Reached tier 2 in Silverhand challenge and already had two strikes. Maybe I lost too many times in 1st tier :wink:

Note I logged a ticket

I saw similar complaints for the weekend event in other forums.
Players were noting having a strike against them upon entering the second tier.
I tested it and encountered the same thing.

Perhaps you are correct and there is a bug actively transferring losses forward into the second tier. :wink:

I’m sorry to hear about this, Zeldoron. Once our support team gets the chance to read your message, they will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

I finished the first stage of the silverhand trial and noticed that I started stage 2 with one of the initial 3 free tries already x’ed out. (Of course, i was matched against ridiculous opponents and lost the next two fights in a row also.)

Has anyone else ‘lost’ a try in one of the stages?

I reported it too and got the standard ‘we are working on it, but are wicked slow’ replies.

I reported it to support last night and others have reported it here and in other forums. I am not spending gems on a broken event, which is frustrating because I was interested in finishing this one.

@Ronald, Please pass my thoughts onto the developers.

This minor bug serves as a prime example of the many small incidents which continue to aggravate players. I would suggest the developer quickly respond and provide a small gift to all players. I would suggest 40 gems would be suitable compensation for the related losses. as long as the response is not delayed.

This gift would not negatively affect the bottom the line and could provide savings as support would not be pestered with related tickets. Additionally, in the spirit of cooperation, this token gift would go a long way to satisfy aggrieved players.

This issue has already spurned two threads here along with similar comments in outside forums. It makes no sense to allow such minor concerns to become festering issues.