Anyone else have wayyyy more coins than anything else?


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m stacked on coins. I wish you could use coins to stack up on darts or buy specific cards like how it is in other games because the cost to upgrade dinosaurs is way less than the amount of coins I’m getting. Not necessarily a bad thing but it’s bugging me having so many useless coins. /:slight_smile:


well the same but coins are used to evolve/fuse dinosaurs so it’s not so bad but it would be nice to have an increase of Dart capacity or earn more bucks.


ahhh coins. they can be a rare commodity when it comes to evolving dinos past level 10. when its 10000 to evolve lol


YES THANK YOU, I have a ton of level 10+ Dino’s, even up to level 17, but I still get coins way faster than I can spend them. Apparently they’re rare? I don’t think so though.


As you start to level up coins start to get drained big time especially when your dinos go from level 8 onwards, keep stacking them till you get there