Anyone else having connection issues?

Happened out of the blue while I was darting.


I’m seeing the same issue too!

Everyone is having server issues

yup, happening to me too when it was working fine less than an hour ago.

this game is just one big joke


All in my alliance are also facing this server issue

Same, my son and I cannot log on…

Same error. I can’t log in.

@Ned Can you report it to devs?

Having same issue with JW The Game as well. Must be Ludia Server issue.

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I can’t get in either. :disappointed_relieved:

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Same here :cry:


Also having this issue. It also told me there is something wrong with my local clock too :thinking:

:dizzy_face: are you a time traveler??


Yep, same issue here.

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Nobody can get in, and people are getting different error messages. Hopefully Ludia gets it fixed soon, although it is 2:15am at the office right now, so it could be a while!

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are you a time traveler?? :open_mouth:

Having same issue. Game broke!

I have the 10063 error. Restarted and reinstalled, didnt work, hopefully it wont last long T T

Maybe! :joy: :shushing_face:

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Having the same issue.