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Anyone else having connection issues?

Same here

It’s broken atm

Ahhh, another time traveler​:rofl: mines doing the same. It did this last time they did a bug patch hopefully it’s the same this time and won’t last long :roll_eyes:

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At least its not a phone problem then right

Apparently every Ludia game is down, so it’s very unlikely to be intentional.

What are the odds of something being wrong with ludias server?
Its waaaay more likely that all of your internets are deaded


I’m cool with it. Thanks in advance for the HC in my mailbox, Ludia.


I just saw the regular JW down too

I though it was my phone. Seems like a server problem after all.

Same here!

Same issue can’t play

Same, just tried it. I was gonna go to sleep, so I wanted to activate my 8 hour incubator.

They gave up…

So they pulled the plug for every game. Seems like filling bankruptcy. LOL

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Wonder how long this will take to get fixed when the show up in the morning?

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Happy cake day!

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Ah, thanks :smile:

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Same on my system.

Just popped in to check if it was only on my device.

I am receiving the 10044 Error.