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Anyone else having difficult fights?

Something has changed… And I am losing my joz for fights. I was in arena 8, now I have lost so many fights that I am close of being in arena 5 again… From 3200 trophys down to 2554

Not fun at all


I’m in the Sorna Marshes and I win probably one in every seven or eight battles. People will tell you that you need to improve your dinosaurs and get better, but I don’t have the coins to improve my dinosaurs so I’m stuck losing most battles.


The thing is that somehow my team was good enough for arena 8… Or else I wouldn’t have gotten there. And with that same team I am winning only one out of 10 battles now. So something changed. My team hasn’t


How did you get to level 8 with 3200 trophies ?
Or did you get up to 4000 before going down to 3200 ?

Noticed. A stegocero took out 3 dinos while only being hit once because it stunlocked me every turn. So annoying. But every time I use a stun move even with a 75% chance with my ouranosaurus I am out of luck. Enemy dino has a 15% chance to stun tho? Nailed it. Every. Bloody. Time.
On top of that imbalance there’s the terrible dino selection. I basically have 2 raptor killers, 2 glass cannons, 2 status effecters, and then my ouran for a heavy switch and my allo for a tank in hopes if anything I get 1 of any three at least, but all Ive been getting are my glass cannons, and then my effecters, which means if I face a raptor or a raptor killer/stunner, I am dead and best I can do is try and live as long as possible.
And if I am winning? Here comes that random crit against me that does juuuuust enough to take me out. Or stun lock me 2 turns.
I have gone now 13 battles lost in a row. I already am having a very depressing day, so I gave up. It’s not fun anymore. It’s aggrivating. I can’t upgrade my dinos cuz I cannot find any spawns of them for dna that I xan reach, or simply no spawns at all. I have revised my team, and these are my strongest dinos. But the game seems to say when you win or lose no natter what now…


Yep, Last night I lost 7 in a row, 2 were due to glitches but the rest were out of balance…… ridiculous. Just then I was pitted against someone with high level super hybrids and had my little level 15 T Rex but handed to me…

This person doesn’t appear in my “recent battle” list either !!!

I’ve been getting put against people at least 300 trophies higher than me…… I’m seriously getting over it completely. So over it…

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yep. And I register an increasing amount of Indoraptors and other uniques. And an decreasing amount of useful spawns around me lately, while today was a welcome change from that though (3x Amargasaurus, 1x Rajasaurus, 1x Baryonyx,…)

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post ur team and maybe I can help you.

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I’m currently at 3300 trophies and I don’t even have a legendary yet. My current team is 15 nodopatasaurus, 15 trex, 16 raptor, 15 amargacepholus, 16 stegoceratops, 15 suchitator, 15 gorgasuchus, my 8th slot I’ve been messing around trying to find a good fit with since I haven’t had great luck with my postimetridon.
My guess is either your team is poorly balanced or you aren’t playing your dinos as well as you should (from my experience in the arena there’s very few people that understand suchitator)

That said, I can barely stay in my current trophy rank and i consistently go down to 3100 and back up to 3400 before leveling back to 3300 on average.

People complained about bots, so now they’re gone. Nothing is there anymore to hand out trophies to people whose trophies fell too low for their team and skill. Nothing is there to take trophies from those who rose too high. There is no longer a set amount of trophies you’ll be hovering around with a certain team and skill level.

People in your trophy range are getting better faster than you. If you improve at the same pace as the “average”, you’ll be able to maintain your amount of trophies.


This is happening at all ranks. I noticed a sudden spike in activity of accounts with high level dinos since the weekend prior to the anticipated reset. Many of the 5000 ranked players are trying to stay there prior to the reset in hopes for a special reward?

The high level 26+ unique/legendary accounts have been active trying to keep the lower level (20-23) dino people down. Griefing? You end up with lots of 5000 rank players in the 4700-4800 trying to work back up. These then push the next tier down, and so forth.

I’ve been trying to minimize any arena activity prior to the reset. But the grind has been worse on the occasions I do the arena to refresh the incubators. It would be nice to get more concrete info on the reset and rewards.

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Yes, i totally agree with you. It’s so impossible to get out of Badlands when your fighting impossibe bots. It’s like you win a couple of times, then go back to losing. And when you lose, why does it have to take 32 trophies?? That is completely unfair. Losing 27 or 28 is fine but why the heck lose over 30? And there is no point in getting out of your house to catch dinosaurs when you could get some in incubators. So i please reccomend Ludia to get rid of battle arenas.

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This is my team

how did you get to arena 8 with only 3200 trophies? im on 3700 and only in arena 7

Sorry… Mistipe… Still i am down from3200 to 2550 points

It’s been quite a while since I have been down to that arena… and it was before the new patch and meta. It looks like your squad should be around 3200. I don’t see any immediate changes you can make. You just need to get Indominus Rex and work towards Stegodeus and Monostego. They are the three best legendaries and prolly the most feasible for you to get. That Stego may be worth putting in.

Moving up is nearly impossible now. Last month I would at least hit trophy highs before being knocked back down a little. Now, I’m stuck at the same number no matter what. It does seem that the game decides if I will win or lose based on my lineup and stun/crit rng.
It’s starting to be pretty boring actually, with the chance of progressing getting smaller and a lot further away. I just canceled the vip because there is no benefit to keeping it anymore. After the reset it’s going to get worse. Oh well, fun game got lame time to move on.

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Wow, ain’t that ridiculuous…

This is the real reason:

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