Anyone else having gps location issues?


Gps location is updated afyer what, 5 minutes??? I move around but gps stays in same place. Don t have this problem with pokemon go


What device and network are you using?


Mine just cant find me. Every other app I’ve ever used didn’t have that problem. Sprint Samsung s8


have you got location serviced turned on for the game?


Hey, Achaje_Huysmans, we’re sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulty with your GPS. I know that this must be frustrating, but our support team would be happy to help guide you through a troubleshooting process so that you can get back to collecting DNA. You can contact them at, and if you can remember to include your support key in the email then that would help us find you faster in our system!


Same issue. Game keeps saying it either doesn’t have permission or the location service is turned off… neither is true and multiple restarts haven not fixed the issue. Sad that a game that depends on the feature doesn’t work with the feature.


Both me and my wife have this same problem… consistently often. I’ve never had a problem with Pokemon. I don’t have a problem with google driving directions. I don’t have the slightest problem with MapMyFitness that we use for biking and walking. Jurassic Park here gets stuck and doesn’t move, even when I put the screen down and back up so it has to refresh the map. I have to completely kill the game and reload which takes longer than rebooting my phone to get it to show me in the right location again. They need to fix this.


Me to, my location is on but nithing happen preferences on


Hi I can’t get an answer from support. How you move around on the map I haven’t been able to move since I started playing the game and I’m about to start level 5


This last 1.3.15 update has helped a little with the stuck GPS location (constant annoyance) but it still sticks. Sometimes it will free up but I still usually end up having to kill the game and reload. What a pain.

For the most part, this doesn’t happen when I’m just out walking as I do at lunch every day. Out riding last weekend was insane with constantly killing the app and reloading. If your going any more than 10 mph where the game asks if your a passenger (like what am I going to say riding my bike???), it is pretty much guaranteed the GPS will get hung up.

I’m thinking that the game is hanging up the GPS check and update when loading and displaying new map, stops and dinosaurs. By the way it acts, its the program hung up process which is why you can still get drops if your close enough to one and can still grab dino’s to get DNA.

I really wish they would add some kind of force GPS location update button to kill and restart the hung up GPS location check process.