Anyone else having issues losing to teams with 7-8 less powerful dino’s?

This has become somewhat of a mind blowing joke. Normally play in the mornings and fill my incubators before doing whatever. Last night began losing to 14, 13, 15 19 ranked dinosaurs when I have far more powerful and faster and have been beating with ease for 6 months. How can a group of 14 dinosaurs that I normally smoke everyday take me from 3500 trophies to 2827 in one 5 hour time frame? Please explain that? THANKS

@RazorbackWild1I’m at less than 3500 trophies & my team is lots better than that (though I play for incubators only, not trophy count) - so I would not be surprised that you lost a few games, especially when you can be matched against players with more trophies

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I think they changed the bot names.
I’ve noticed lately once you lose one battle, you have started the losing streak.
I just lost to five straight weaker teams, their RNG was far superior.
It been happening the last few days, enough to convince me to rage quit by dropping a few arenas and destroying players far below me. I sincerely hope they feel the same rage quit as I do right now.
I’m guessing we’ve lost some players and gained more bots to make up for it, and they’ve changed the bot code RNG for the worse.

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To be fair, it could just be bad luck.
Flip side, just because you haven’t experienced it doesn’t make it not true (losing streak and bots with superior RNG).

…and YES, that is a weak sauce team for 3500. Indo and bleeders would whack you quick.

Criticals stuns and evades swing games. If your opponent is getting all critical all dodge they can give away many levels and win.

I’m sure it depends on how RND your team is. But most of us just going to play our strongest dino’s. We play what we catch the most unless it’s totally useless.

Nope. I have actually been winning against better opponents NOT because of the dinos but because these fellas haven’t got a clue about strategy. Changing in and out means losing a turn and a stronger dino will have to take two hits before it’s their turn again (against a faster dino). Even if you change into a faster dino, you still take a hit first. That’s what I have been facing these couple of days. I was at 425X right after the tournament. Now I am at 49XX which is kinda crazy.

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I’m noticing this as well. I just jumped from 35XX to 39XX in a matter of a couple of days because people make mistakes and don’t know how to use the dinos they have.

I have found that proper battle strategy weighs more heavily than level of dinos. It’s also about balance. Some one can have all 18 or 19 lvl dinos, but if you have good counters to all of them, sometimes a lower dino can take them down. I have been smoked by teams of over-leveled commons against my team of all legendaries. And that’s okay. Props to that person for having good battle strategy and unusual dinos that threw me off.

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Why is everyone afraid of showing their trophies?

At 4920 with this bunch.

I need coins…lots of coins…
Yeah, diloracheirus is next :sunglasses:

Yes, but why does everyone put x instead of a number? Nobodies going to be stalking you and there’s no point in not saying the full thing.

Mine fluctuates daily so it seems pointless to be that specific. It’s just easier. And honestly I often don’t remember where I am specifically. Just the general range.

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The X is because I can’t remember exactly what the numbers are

Just put a 0’s then so for you 4920’s

Each to its own.

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Played last night with a weak team, actually came close to beating higher level teams because the RNG was on my side. I simple scored way more crits and dodges. I also seemed to see way more mistakes on the opponents side with a weak sauce team.
Matchup code flaws? I’ve noticed a distinct change of opponents when dropping down arenas when I switch from my low level drop down team to my best team, even though I’m at the same trophy level, the team seems to matter in what you are paired with.

What weak Dino has dodge? Lol

Gallimimus and the rare gallimimus (I can’t remember it’s name.) Have dodge with evasive strike. There pretty weak imo.

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L12 Stegoceratops vs L16 Gorgosuchus, who wins in two?
p.s. Stego never lands an effective stun.