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Anyone else having issues with DNA donations?

So last couple of weeks, I’ll check what DNA has been donated to me in the Alliance chat, I’ll be pleasantly surprised seeing a good amount gifted, 100 DNA as an example. But out of nowhere I’ll see it suddenly drop down to maybe 32 DNA. Now I’m pretty certain you can’t take back DNA which you have gifted.
Anyone else noticing the same thing happening to themselves?
I’m hoping I’m just daft!

You are seeing the current amount then going back and seeing what it was hours before because the whole chat/donations channel is complete crap.
It’s never worked properly since it was introduced.

I would have assumed that too! Seeing how the Alliance chat alone has been manic since I started playing. But when it comes to me collecting the DNA, I’ll end up receiving the 32, not the 100 previously shown. So I’m very confused

issues? in social tab? no no no… it’s just our imagination.