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Anyone else having troubles with Burning Barrens stage 11?


Making this post quick and short, but anyone else having trouble with this specific stage? My team is 2700 definitely higher than the enemy team, I could defeat teams with a bit higher power than me but for some reason this certain team keeps knocking out my dragons and leaving me with one with ease. It’s not well balanced and I’m not sure if it was went to be that way or not- any tips?

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Anyone else having trouble with burning barrens stage 11?

Are you using strong colors for that stage? Take out your weak colors


Hello everyone! I don’t usually join forums so I’m not sure how to make topics and such, but is anyone else having a frustrating time with Burning barrens stage 11? My team is about 2700 definitely way higher than the enemy team but for reason even on the first wave they still manage to leave me with only 1 dragon with almost no health. I’m not sure if this is just unbalanced or just went to be this way but I’ve been stuck on this stage for a couple of weeks. Anyone has tips…? I really want to progress through here already.


Coming back to this because I’m having a lot of trouble with this stage and my teams power is definitely higher than the enemy

Any help?

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I passed it awhile back. I’m in the woodlands now. IIRC, I had trouble, but used the powers a lot.