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Anyone else in zone 1 not seeing epic increase

Over the past few days I’ve seen other players very happy about the increase in epic spawns, but I sadly can’t have that same joy as I haven’t seen a massive increase in epic spawns (one Spino 2 days ago & one Sinoceratops today) is anybody else in zone one experiencing this or is is just me having bad luck again


L1 dweller here. I’ve noticed an increase for sure.

im in z4 and havent seen an epic increase and when im hunting i havent either…


I’m in L3 next to an L1. I saw a Sino, a Pachy (isn’t it an exclusive?) and a Mono these 2 days. Not sure if it is increased.

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Pachy is the hybrid pursuit this week.

I haven’t noticed an increase of local epics, but I did see 8 Darwin today and about 6 Rex this week so I’ve def noticed a difference.

Cool! 14 epics. Definitely it has been increased in your area.

I just came back from a trip. Hopefully now that I am home, I will continue to see epic creatures. I saw two today (Spinosaurus G2 and Darwinopterus).

Im in L4 and saw 1 epic so far :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I haven’t seen it either.

I live in L1 and definitely have seen an increase.

Not in Z1, but I haven’t seen an increase in epics at all.

I’m zone 3 and I work on the edge if zones 2 and 4. It has only been the last couple days that I’ve noticed an increase in Epics away from the drops.

For those of you that have seen a noticeable increase, which epics have you seen lately

Mostly global. Lots of Rex, Spino2, and Barry.

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To me kentro is the only hyperactive local epic since this week, been seeing 1 per day. I already have a name for it only when it’s ready for upcoming non-hybrid epic tournament. :smile:

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can’t see epics increase here through all city. morning, sunset, night, home, work, driving…
same hard to find epic as always.

but i can see some more rares, even hybrids like diplotator.

maybe another bug. :roll_eyes:

Sino, Pachy, Kentro, Anky today.

I noticed some sort of an increase in epic spawn. I saw 2 T-rex, 2 Sino, 1 Pachy, 2 Anky in these few days. Still not as many as some of us here.

Here :raised_hand:t2:
Empty maps with no epic spawns.

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Baryonyx, darwinopterus, Tyrannosaurus rex, ankylosaurus and a couple others.

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