Anyone else lost interest?


This used to be so addictive, i feel as time goes on it just gets tedious, and half the decent spawns around my area have disappeared!

It’s become a “pay to win” sort of game, the amount of money I’ve put into this is ridiculous, and not even close to getting a legendary dinosaur!

Also I’ve noticed there hasn’t been a pink incubator for some time… what’s with that, I’ve saved up over 8000 cash and nothing worth spending it on.

i pop on here once or twice a day now and honestly feel no need to stay, bit of a shame really, feels like a complete waste of time and money!


I’ve also lost the addictive joy for whatever reason. I used to see rares and epics get my shoes on and go. Now it’s just turned on when I go for a walk. All become rats and pigeons now in my eyes.

I guess losing expensive addictions is a good thing.


Yep, totally losing interest, mostly because of the arena and cost of dinos. I can win maybe twice or trice a day now, other than that, its all loses, and i spend alot of time at the arena. Also the grind to get high up is just insane. 40k to level a dino from 19 to 20, and we need this for several dinos. Thats about 4 days of collecting spins, just to lvl up one dino. Other options being spending a load of cash, which i really regret giving them my money for premium, its not worth it. So today im think of uninstalling JWA, and find something else like The Walking Dead, see if thats any better.


And this is a shame because this game has a great potential. I think they should make it enabled for us to get cash when we spin the supply drops. I never received cash when spinning them, only gold coins and stuff.


Still enjoy it after 5-6 weeks, sure … you ignore a lot of dinosaurs you don’t need and do not get out for some common Rares or useless Epics sometimes, but that’s good. But that’s fine, a game shouldn’t control your life that much anyway.

And yeah, it’s expensive to level dinosaurs up and not really fun without buying coins because you feel like not making any progress (if it takes days or weeks for a single LV). Arena is fine to me, I often win (even against computers) … just improve your Team and get Legendaries ready (Indominus, Stegodeus, now maybe Utahsinoraptor … they helped you a lot with Events) or you can’t compete at some point.


I’m just waiting until something is done about the spoofers and hackers… hoping a positive outcome means the game will live up to its potential of being awesome :+1:t2:


I’m starting to slow down a bit now, mostly because of the coins. I enjoy levelling up dinos that I’m not using, but I can’t even do that now unless I want my battle team to fall behind. I’d understand if I was trying to level up an Indoraptor or something, but I’m not even close to the legendary dinosaurs in this game!

Not to mention the supply drops. I don’t have a huge amount in my area as it is, and I’m almost always getting darts which I have too many of because there aren’t many desirable dinos around here. And then there’s the incubators, which keep giving me the same dino DNA over and over again…

I do still like the game, but I’m no longer thinking of getting VIP. I don’t think it will help me enough.


Sorry cordy but you need to ignore the spoofers! I have not seen any evidence at all of hackers! Spoofers only do it to be in the leaderboard and personally I could care less about the leaderboard!

I wish people would get off the spoofing train it is tiresome here! Play your game the best you can! I have also spent allot of money on the game and the money spent gave me nothing towards any legendary or unique I got indominus by grinding! If my opponent got him by spoofing ( which I doubt because spoofers will always be in the top 100)

My issue with the game is I have a bad temper if I lose too many times in a row but as in the words of Night Courts Buddy Ryan! I’m feeling much better now!!:joy::joy:

I have deleted the app in the past several times and always come back!

I said this before this game is more addicting than crack and unless I delete and it is pulled from the App Store I will not be able to quit!


Same here :frowning: it’s so said because i really like some aspects of the game and i really wish that ludia will adress the issues.

The first couple of weeks i had so much fun collecting dna from all dinos out there but now… i do have more than enough dna from most common dinos and i do not even dart them anymore. On average i am darting about 2 dinos per hour (when event dinos are not counted). 95% of dinos are not worth catching. I am just going out to spin stops because i need the coins. And thats not fun! It just isn’t. I said it before and i repeat it: we need some sort of recycling system to make every dino worth catching. Give me 10 coins for selling 100 sarcosuchus dna or something like that. In pogo every pokemon was worth catching because they could be easily evolved for exp. In jwa it does not make sense to catch 95% of the spawns. This is really a major issue and needs to be adressed…


Agree with most of the comments here.

  1. The game has been addictive. At least up until your dinos team reach L15 - 20. Thereafter, the level up costs are insane. I’ve pointed this out many times in the forum before.

  2. I do not have any legendary dino myself. Not even one. But don’t see much use of it in battles. From my observations high level common/rare dinos i.e. Nundasuchus, Einisuchus, VRaptor, Stego, etc., can complete the task most of the time.

  3. I do no think spoofers/hackers is a problem to the game - unlike PoGo since PoGo gym battling is different.


Yes, it happens. As time goes by, the game is just too simple to keep people playing 24/7. Also, after around level 16 dinosaurs it just becomes a grind instead of bringing you fun and joy, and that makes people get tired of playing. I still like it, but I stopped going for 4 hour walks around time and playing matches nonstop at home even if I hit the coin cap. Now I just do the minimum matches to fill incubator slots and it’s become almost an obligation. Let’s hope the update they are working on makes us regain interest in the game


You can’t balance spawn rates for players walking 5 miles and players spoofing and for all I know GPS teleporting to location of legendaries. Quite possibly spawn rates dropped because some players were catching ridiculously more than expected.

Of course legit players feel burned at being punished for not cheating.


“Just improve your team”… Really??? Cause epics are so common in the wild…I hardly see any rexes, as indom is my closes legendary to open up, which is still a far fetch. Also the fact that alot of legends you need dinos at lv 15, and 20 for uniques, which again, costs alot of coins…


This game is just the first of many up coming PoGo-stamp-collection Map-scrubber games. The AR part is never the fun part. They spent 4 patches to “perfect” font colors, 3 iterations to “perfect” SpinoSaurus model, but 10 mins on game play.

But I thanks to Ludia I set up my area nicely for future titles. The newest “The Walking Dead: Our world” is looking very good in my area now.


I just play for fun, no interest to aim for highscore or spending a dime on this game. Going down to initial areas and back up to the 3000 its fun. It’s still exiting when you see dinosaur you dont have in your collection or getting bit a bit the DNA to get a new one. Still enjoyable title, just play for fun! :slight_smile:


That Bastila Shan tho.


Fangirling hard


Same. This game is far too expensive. I just uninstalled. Its not playable after lvl 9 without spending ridiculous amounts of money. It’s a shame really, they could have cut the prices in half and the cost would still be outrageous. And you must spend real money cause the gold income you get from just paying is laughable. That plus the CAP on hard cash.


I have a… dark side portrait too. I Photoshopped it myself and never published it, so it is fresh!


Sweet :heart_eyes: Now I have Kotor feels, ooops


After two months of play it has become a bit too grindy. I’m not interested in becoming the top 10 of the Arena leaderboard. Other than the Indominus and Indoraptor, I couldn’t care less about hybrids (there are too many of them anyway). I just want to collect dinosaurs before it is all commons now and it takes a lot of the fun away. I’m going to stick to it because it’s still more fun than PoGo but it needs new dinosaurs, a change in rarity spawns and a reduction in coin costs to make it as fun as it used to be.