Anyone else mad at the Trick or Chase?

In case you didn’t get out or see many, there were indeed chests as usual for a Sunday. They were so rare to come by but these had 6 of each FIP in them. But some of them end up tricks and will only give 5 darts even with nothing maxed in them.

I took 3 separate half-hour drives, so I covered many miles,

I ended up with a grand total of Zero Toys, 4 interacts and 3 Food.

On my last drive I had the coins maxed already and opened 21 chests. That gained one single interact and essentially 20 middle-fingers…

I do not like the dangling something in front of me that I can’t really have. An hour and a half solely looking for these things is far too much time to end up not even anywhere near done


I feel bad for you, I didn’t even realize that could happen cuz it never happened to me. LOL

I drove over 80 miles, I clicked on over 320 chests and majority of them were returning NOTHING.

Once I had clicked above 120 I had completed the money BUT I Had ZeRo food/interacts/Plays

Ludia you did a great job for giving us a headache!!!


I got darts more than half the time


Got nothing today. 0. Not mad. Trick or Chase - I got the trick…


Yeah get nothing is not a bad idea. I had to drive and take the family out so the drive is not the problem, I had to do it anyway.

The problem is hearing the kids:

  • “vaults are giving me nothing…”

Then, a surprising:

  • “5000!!!, I got 5000!!”

Then another:

  • why are getting nothing? We always get something.

And repeat for the next 2 hours. I had to defuse the situation by telling the game was not working. Which that ends on being the truth.

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The Trick might actually be funny if they weren’t so rare to find on the map.

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The fact that there are no boxes out there is infuriating though…

There were lots of tricks inside those chests, but hey, at least we ran into a lot of good dinos to dart in the process while swerving all over the road trying to dart/chest open while driving :smile:

The support responded to my ticket, saying it’s normal :lying_face:

I saw none in my area.

I got the follow-up response that they cannot manually force the points to be spawned within my range. So now it’s just my problem but not their error that the whole spawn rate was messed up. Very disappointed in not only the game errors but also the poor customer service.

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This! 100%

Oops think I got into trouble for that one lol. Should have read the guidelines. Stand by it though.

In the end I never bothered with trying to go for these because they were too few and far between combined with I think it was like…an hour? cooldown. Not worth it for a small chance at FIPs and a handful of darts and coins.

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There was a box on the map to chase? Are there new rocks placed on the map that they were hidden under making them difficult to find?

They were ghosted

Four and a half hours in game and this is all I could manage


Why did Ludia reuse the broken Trick or Chase treasure boxes?

I got 5 darts only from many boxes, and barely got any FIPs - very disappointing!

Please fix the programming of these treasure boxes before reusing them. There is supposed to be no tricks for Thanksgiving!

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They weren’t broken @ halloween, they did what they were supposed to!! Today is another matter…