Anyone else name their dinos?

I can never remember or pronounce them so I just name them.


Clockwise from top left:
-Big Tymer (she’s my #1 Stunna)
-Boudica, my warrior
-Lazy Susan, she refuses to cloak
-Jessica Fletcher, my problem solver
-Akasha, she’ll bleed you dry
-Lenny, my dumb oaf who doesn’t know her own strength
-Jolene, that redhead will steal your man
-Bea Arthur, for her sassy attitude


My daughter named my indoraptor Wendy, because Indo, ND, Wendy! lol

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Wendyraptor! That makes her sound adorable! Like we could go get pedicures and ice cream together!

<3 that’s even more adorable! lol

We call this guy Redhead.

Any of the diplocolaus and koolasuchus are wiggly butts.

This is my puppy. He loves tacos, we always find him at Mexican restaurants.

And this is Posty.

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I recently dropped Rocksteady (stegod) and Leggy Sue (monomimus). I’m looking forward to adding new dinos and seeing how they work and naming them accordingly.

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My V-raptor is named “Panic”, my Epic Rex is Roxxi, my Stego is “The Stig”, Kentro is “Kenny”, Wuerho is “Bacon”, Tuojiang is “Toejam”, Stegocera is “Wotsit”, Allo is “Eat Flaming Death”, Erlikosaurus is Thunder Chicken… I have a lot of names for my dinos.


Kenny and Bacon :joy:
A half-robot WOULD name his dinos that way!

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Oh yeah, we also have:


Gorgasaurus is Dorkfish (a la Bill Engvall)

Someone around here called the monomimus Dodge Chicken, so I use that one.

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Actually I do too…
I call them Winners when they win a battle & I call them Losers obviously when they lose battles. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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You can’t just call them losers, they’re doing their best! Have you tried positive reinforcement? Studies show that rewarding good behavior is a better method than punishing the bad.


I named them appropriately. Kenny, because he keeps dying, and Bacon, because he sort of looks like a piece of curled up bacon at a distance, if you squint hard enough.

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@Dalek62771 I call my Wuerho “Tiger” because it looks like tiger bread.

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He really does look like bacon. Now I’ll never unsee it.

LOL My job here is done. I had one mission, and I succeeded. Wuerho is made of BACON!!


My current team.

Stegoceratops is named ‘Sunshine’
Postimetrodon is named ‘Aurora’
Suchotator is named ‘Tate’
Delta is a place holder who is named Delta
Spinotahraptor is named ‘Tar’
Indominus Rex is named … I can’t find a good name for her
Stegodeus is named ‘Boris’
Tragodistis is named ‘Squid’

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I love Boris and Squid. I would read a comic about them going on adventures together!

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Delta :rofl:

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Gonna name my noobodeus “It… From the Pit”.

“B-movie” names are in right now, you know…

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My I-Rex is named “… It’s behind me, isn’t it…?”