Anyone else not having much luck with the new alliances thing

I was super excited when I found out about the alliance and DNA sharing feature but it has turned out to be not even worth my time. I was invited to one on the 1st day, 3 days go by and I’ve been kicked for idk what. Then I receive another invite and accept but nobody wants to talk just want to get DNA but not give. Like I understand if you don’t have it but donating to one person and not the other that is asking for the same thing is kinda rude. I had high Hope’s of having good conversations about strategies , friendly battles to improve your skills and the likes. Seems I was wrong about our community. I’d be willing to start my own alliance and Invite those of you that were looking to get out of it what i was. Lets please have an honest but friendly conversation about this.


Not much chatter in mine. Pretty boring so far.

Same, everyone just wants to get DNA and nothing else in the one I’m currently in

Have you actually tried chatting in alliance chat… its pretty bad when you gotta type the same message 10 different times to see what word is getting flagged… discord.

That was the flagged word… cause god forbid you attempt to get your alliance on a chat platform that doesnt suck.

Not to mention messages arent displayed in real time they go to ludia and then out to each individual sometimes with delays to some and not others… then if you relog the messages get all mixed up.


@Tori_baugh that’s terrible.
An alliance has such potential to motivate players and push them to play more and can even be a good place to vent if you’re on a losing streak.

I think what your expectations are describe exactly what an alliance should be. If you are unhappy, I’d definitely advise you to look elsewhere or even start your own. There are new players joining every day and still many valuable players who are unaffiliated.

You just have to make sure your expectations and that of the alliance are a good fit for each other. I hope things work out for you!

To @Evicton ‘s point, the chat feature is just awful, but I think you are referring to the motivation to socialize and establish friendships rather than the technical aspect of chatting


Thats kinda my point, when yoi got a group of strangers its really hard to communicate when the stupidest of things are flagged. I feel like people arefed up rewording their sentances and just end up using it as a send and recieve tab… theirs exceptions of course but when the communication barrier is the communication system… it makes things difficult.

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My alliance has been a really good experience, and a really bad experience at the same time.

Got a good bunch, We get the occasional conversation and the hours of silence in between. Everyone seems friendly and chill and most will help with DNA. I swear, the 420 crowd are some of the best people on earth :upside_down_face:

I haven’t had to moderate or kick anyone, and I didn’t “power pick” to get high levels. We filled up quick and are still 98% the same members from creation.

Unfortunately massive glitches and UI bugs, have crippled us a bit. No guild name, no guild tab or options to click on, etc. We do still have a working chat window and donations so it’s all good. We will endure! :sunglasses:


I’ve tried to chat, but no one wants to talk other than asking for handouts. It’s pretty bad.

LOL it’s bad when I can’t always read what others are saying, because it’s in Cyrillic font, but it’s cool. I prefer being in an international alliance, as I’m part of a global community, and I realize that English isn’t everyone’s first spoken language.

I just wish they had more to say, really.

@Hersh I did end up making my own. It cost all but 600 of my coins but i feel it will be worth it if the right people join. Its called HeWasNumber1 if anyone is interested. I don’t have any real life friends that play so yeah anyone with the same goals as mine please join!


@GorillaGlue I’m glad yours seems to be going better than my experiences. I also have noticed the same issues and hope that it will be fixed in further updates. I understand that things don’t always work on the first attempt

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I joined a pretty good alliance, nice people and request getting filled coz everyone is helping everyone so our alliance people getting better we push us together


I can’t promise that I’ll be able to friendly battle or chat often, because of my work schedule - but your alliance seems to be what I was going after when I tried creating mine. Murderbirds United didn’t exactly take flight, so to speak.

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@Dalek62771 that’s ok I am a stay at home mom and so my schedule is pretty open. Obviously baby take priority but when he is napping this is my favorite game to play. He also likes to watch me battle haha. I do like your alliance name though. I was also in an international alliance to begin with but they kicked me for absolutely no reason, I gave everyone DNA even if I was also in need of that dino because you give to get , right? I’d love it if you could join mine and invite those from yours who were more active and friendly in yours.

Just sent a request. I’m also running a scientific megathread here in the forums, where I answer questions regarding real dinosaurs instead of the game’s genetically modified theme park monsters. I’ll send you the link, if you want to read through it. Amateur paleontology is one of my hobbies.

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Sounds like some of you are just in bad alliances. The one im in is awesome. Go TeaRex Hunters!

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The ones that ended up joining my short-lived alliance turned out to be spoofer accounts. They had way higher level dinos compared to their actual player level, and one of them tried joining using both his real account and his alt account.

I guess Ludia still has a bit of work left to do in driving the spoofers away for good.

@Dalek62771 I just accepted, and sent a friend request so we can friendly battle. That’s too bad, hopefully through the forums we can find people with the same values to build up our brand new alliance!
@Justin_Larson I’m glad some people have had bette luck than we have. It would be sad if it completely failed

I guess it helps when u got 1 in the top 10. 6 or 7 in the top 50. And probably 12-15 in the top 100? Maybe thats why our alliance is quite strong

This sounds like a humble-brag