Anyone else not having much luck with the new alliances thing

Oh and dalek62771 I would love a link to your paleontology thread. I’ve loved dinos since i was little, no barbies for me I wanted everything dini!

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Wasnt meant to be a brag at all. But it seems like alot of the “leaderbaord alliances” are good and strong together. Just something ive noticed

Okay I agree with you then … the LB has been in a state of flux with this tournament it seems.

A single battle can move you 100+ in rank or even as low as just 1 position (I’ve had both experiences)

But I do agree that, like trophies, it is a quick way to filter committed, and competitive players from the more Casual hobbyists. :+1:t4:

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Here you go! Enjoy! Excuse the slapdash construction of the first half. There’s been a lot of edits.


We Are Full :slight_smile:

@Hersh and @Justin_Larson maybe trophies and having the most highly ranked players does in a way help find the more active players but what about the players who don’t have endless hrs and money to spend on the game? I have a passion for this game but find it hard to get the time to go DNA hunting and have no money to spend on incubators or anything. I’m doing my best with what I have and strive to get better everyday. It’s great that you have the skill and time to make it in the top ranks , now what about giving back to the community? Sharing your knowledge? Giving newer players a chance?


Sounds like allot of people stumbled into spoof alliances made of alts. If people don’t talk or never online simultaneously or never donate DNA but always requesting its likely a spoof alt account alliance! just quit and find a new one don’t get farmed by cheats trying to strengthen their legit alt accounts!!!

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Same here and that’s why I left my 1st alliance but think of it this way…donating dna equates income. You don’t have to donate those dna that you need but only those that you’ve got plenty of. I don’t mind the donations but I’d rather the alliance members be more interactive. Gonna be leaving this 2nd alliance soon.

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@Joe_Ng I just wanted to show good faith in my previous groups by donating even when I could use that DNA that way a relationship/ friendship could be built before I just expect a bunch of DNA from everyone. You can hit an info button to see all who donated it’s not anonymous when you donate. N hey if your not happy with your current alliance come join mine! I am trying to gather people who share the same goals/morals. People who want to share knowledge and not just DNA, people who want to challenge eachother to get better! It’s just me and @Dalek62771 atm , let’s get the ball rolling! For you and anyone else interested its HeWasNumber1 and I’m crosschords4196


Sometimes I do wonder if the lack of communication is attributed to the time difference of members within a diverse international alliance. In my 1st alliance we’ve got Spanish, Mandarin & Russian going at each other & since you can’t copy what they wrote to get it translated, I don’t think anybody understood one another.

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You’re welcome. I had the same issue with the first one I was in. I wish I was fluent in more than one language but I’m not so i have it set for USA only to avoid communication issues.

What good is an alliance if nobody understands what’s goin on lol?

I do have a basic idea of Spanish, thanks to a grounding in Latin back in middle school. If you reverse engineer the Spanish, you recognize the original Latin within, and that’s how I can understand it to a degree.

I’m currently working on Asian languages, with Japanese being a real struggle. (If you can remember that the syntax is reverse and inside-out from English, it’s easier to learn)

The biggest problem with learning Japanese is in learning Kanji, the third “alphabet”, that was borrowed from the Chinese. It’s more complex, with symbols made up of other symbols, depending on context of usage. The other two, Hiragana and Katakana, are easier. They’re more straightforward alphabets.

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I also speak fluent fake German, and can say hello in 7 languages other than English.



That’s awesome! I took Spanish for 2 years in high school and had a step grandmother that tried to teach me when I was 8 but it didnt stick. Neither did the bits of Korean that one of my Hispanic friends tried to teach me. She know 5 languages and is going to school to be able to teach English in foreign countries. I also know bits and pieces of random languages but really just enough to find food and the bathroom :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Okay, bedtime for bonzo. I have to get some sleep. Work has me all shagged out lately, to the point of kipping flat on my back the moment I walk in the house.

I’ll be on in the morning, so good night, all!

(And thanks for the likes on my thread! Much appreciated!)

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I was about to say the same accept my job is being a mommy. And you’re welcome @Dalek62771 its midnight where I’m at. In other words I have 4 hrs to sleep lol. I’ll probably check in around 10 am

It’s just now 1am here. I take it you are either to the west of where I am, or like myself, you’re in the Central Time zone and giving a rough estimate of what time it is…

Anyway, I shall return. Later. After much sleep.

Mountain time for me. Sleep well and ttyl