Anyone else notice Mortem Rex crit rate today?

Mortem Rex had a critical hit rate today of around 80%.
Our alliance ran upwards of 20 raid attempts and that was our (ahem) “luck”.

Our thought is that Ludia realized that lots of people were about to unlock Mortem Rex this week and quietly bumped up the critical hit rate. Thoughts?

What were your experiences today with regards to critical hit rate on this fight?


we failed like ten times today due to his stupid crits

Just unlucky.

Seems like bad luck to me. We’ve had a ton of bad luck with Mortem crits too in the past, sometimes you can win on the first try, sometimes it takes hours if you depend on RNG.

It’s been like that for a while. Which is why I’m personally against the cheese and all carry strats these days with Mortem, because anything less than bringing total monsters of your own to the raid further stacks the odds against you.

The only way I even got some Mortem DNA was because Mortem only ever targeted my Toura, the Maxima, or the Tenontorex (all three of which had well over 6000-8000 health and over 2000 attack) whenever Mortem got a CRIT, and otherwise only hit the Tryo with a normal group strike attack without CRITing.

It varies per MR. We started with one that critted all the time (got it anyway) but wile assisting in other MR raids there were others that went down as easy as HL. We even managed to bring it down in 3 turns round one where we usually need 4…

Was a part of raid where Mortem crit every single hit. Still manage to beat it.

It’s only RNG

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It’s just bad luck, my alliance was trying to get me morty, and we did it like 6/5 times at least, and i only saw him crit. Like 5 times

Probably just bad luck. I got it first try yesterday.

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As time goes by you would expect players to be building their teams up, but so many just get their Dino to the minimum and expect others to carry them.

So I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing to see the bosses getting buffed if I’m honest.


Easy for you to say with your level 32 Mortem :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Nearly every move was a crit for us, too. We still won, but only one dino was left standing.

Says the guy with very top Dino at level 30!

Am I being called-out?


Hardly my friend, you put so much effort into helping to create strats and you’re an immense source of information!


Why don’t more people use the 3 Phorus’s + 1 big Tenrex strat? It’s a guaranteed win regardless of crits or random targets.

Finding 3 really strong birds plus the huge Tenontorex isn’t that easy.


You only need one really strong one with 2.5k atk. The 2nd bird only needs to be faster than the big one and has 1.6k atk. The 3rd bird can be base level unboosted (level 16). Big tenrex is rather common since it performs very well in arena as well.

It all comes down to how good your creatures are and so luck, if you’re not getting the luck try upgrading your dinos

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