Anyone else notice that they haven't fixed the stun in this game


Since the tournament has ended all the way up to now I’ve been really hoping to see something fixed with their stun in this game. I know a post a lot about it on here but I know I cannot be the only person just fed up with having 6 turns taken away from me and one match. It’s during these matches that I sympathize with the people who want to I quit button for just stupid rng or how ever you want to say the game decides when to stun. Multiple matches of just stun lock and no game play. Literally no game play at that point I don’t care about the argument for immune dinosaurs counter stun blah blah blah cuz it’s just a bunch of blah blah blah. If the sun Dino still hits as hard as a normal attack then there’s no point in playing with anything else. You’re going to out speed and out power every immune dinosaur. And this is coming from someone who’s tried to put a majority of immune dinosaurs on my team they just get overpowered. As long as you keep it up with this you’re not going to get a single dime for me and I hope more people start to not shovel out money for a game you dont get to play half the matches.


I’m pretty sure stun got worse with all instant stunners using their priority stun 1 turn earlier and stegocera buffed for more HP and armour so can hang around longer for more chance at stun. Really wish they would add in if creature was stunned previous turn it becomes immune to stun for 1 turn or actually put reasonable cooldown on all the stun moves so they can’t be cycled endlessly! fingers crossed but not expecting much


Wait until you come across Monomimus that dodges 6x in a match.
Indorap that dodges 3x in a row.


I swear those odds only come out against the “you will loose now” bots. If your on a big win streak the game will send a headhunter bot team after you with hot dice on their rng rolls. And at least 5 levels higher than your highest creature!


I feel like that could help alot. Can see how to get around it a little but it gives you a turn to try and do somthing at least be4 the stuns come again lol


Please teach me to “outspeed and outpower every immune dinosaur” using examples like indominus vs stegocera or tryostronix vs stegocera.


Tryostrinix is slower than paramolck and out powered by steg who has 3 lvl on it. The lvl is easy to get sense what it is made of. So yeah they beat him to buddy but thanks for trying.


Too bad tryo still wins, lol.

So all your statements are based on “there’s a dino who can beat him if leveled 10 levels higher”. Ok, Gotcha.


Oh yeah. 10 easy. Why dont you just say 15 or 20 then to try and make a argument for yourself. Not what I’m getting at. A very easy to make epic stops a harder to make legendary is the problem. Then comes the part that let’s me make this post is that the legendary is supposed to counter the epic in this case. So yes I’m going to complain about something that is wrong with the game. Though hey I get it if you cant put it together and see the issue. Go ahead and try to twist what I post. Go fight your 10 lvl different dinosaurs you seem to find :rofl:


I agree, constant stunning is not right


On the contrary, I do feel 75% stun is not as effective as before. It’s now more like 50% or 66%.


Just use a dino with immunity. Stun problem countered.


Already addressed that, just read the post and then comments.


Tryostrinix loses to the steg every time in that situation and higher lvl unless you crit. Now same lvl it’s a different story.