Anyone else notice the chompers have gotten... lame? weak? Did they get nerfed when I wasn't paying attention?

Maybe it’s just my imagination. Or maybe thanks to some totally random unlucky streak (that’s persisted at this point for weeks) my “tanks” have magically gotten pitted against precisely the right opponents EVERY SINGLE TIME who now have some move that perfectly counters (nerfs, really) one of the few consistently satisfying moves in the game, but somehow I have managed to miss any mention of this mystery move’s existence.

This is definitely something that is happening to me, though, and it’s sucking about 98% of the pleasure I get from the game, OUT of the game.

Here’s what’s happening: by “chompers” I mean the T-Rex type dinos (Allosaurus, Tarbosaurus, Rajasaurus, and so on) that have that amazing bite, one that multiplies their normal damage (which is often already impressive). Not only does it crush many opponents once they are able to use it (which they can’t do right away, which is fair, in the name of Balance), the graphic that goes with it is, or was, very satisfying, especially when I am limited in my ability to get out and about, I am a very long way from even getting the pieces to make one of the hybrids everyone raves about (Indominus, Stegodeus, Paramoloch) much less getting those components at a high enough level for me to begin to fuse the DNA, spending coins which themselves will take weeks to accumulate.

But at least when my level 18 Allosaurus finally gets to make her second attack (which she often survives to do, given her health is above 3k) there is this HUGE GLOWING SET OF AIR JAWS that swell up from her face and CRUSHES whoever she’s up against.

At least that’s what used to happen. I’m tempted to add before someone on the development team noticed I was enjoying the game, every once in a while, just for a moment but STILL I was daring to enjoy it without shoveling wads of cash I don’t have into it, so obviously he had to shut that down! even though that sounds whiny and paranoid, and it’s just a game and yadda yadda yadda.

Except I really have not seen any of my chompers perform that very satisfying move in at least a couple of weeks. And it’s not just the graphics that are missing; now what I get with the feeble little (chomp!) that looks downright dainty now, compared to what I used to see[1], is a far smaller, unimpressive amount of damage. I was seeing my Allosaurus sometimes do over 2500 points of damage if she were lucky enough to get a critical hit too, but now she rarely breaks 1000.

Her base damage rating, for the record, is 1117.

So did something happen that I missed? Am I doing something wrong? Did one of the developers actually decide to flip people like me the middle finger and nerf the closest I can get to a tank at this juncture? It took me what seemed like forever to finally get out of the Badlands (the 5th battle level) and claw my way into Lockdown, but my dinos cant win enough to stay there for even close to a day. I haven’t had an incubator cooking in over 2 days, because I get so frustrated getting my ass kicked over and over and over without winning even once that I have to close the app and put the phone down, or I’ll throw it against the nearest brick wall and destroy it (and there is no way I can afford to replace it) and this silly little game isn’t worth that.

Please tell me I’m skipping a step, or forgetting to do something, or there really is some new countermeasure my opponents are using that I missed. And then tell me how to un-nerf my chompers so that I can win at least once a day, so I can get at least one frakkin’ incubator in my queue to be cooking, instead of the currently empty 4 blank slots that remind me that all I can do is lose, like a big pathetic loser, only allowed to play because other people who are not sad losing losers need something to kick out of their way as their trophy count continues to swell and they might actually be getting tired of winning so much.

I understand that at least some players need to spend money regularly, that the development team needs a revenue stream and I can’t expect to enjoy all the bells and whistles if I’m unable to spend cash on the game. But come on now, let me win every once in a while! And please stop removing parts of the game the moment I start enjoying them, Again, I know this sounds whiny and paranoid but this is not the first time this kind of thing has happened.

[1] It’s like the difference between milking a cow, and getting that nice loud frothy spray of milk… and milking a field mouse, with the tiniest little pair of tweezers anyone has ever built, and getting such a feeble little stream of milk you can barely see it, you think it might actually be a cobweb. My chompers appear to have gotten transformed from mighty cows to tiny midget field mice.

The “huge glowing jaws” are critical hits, they’re not removed or anything you just got unlucky. The large carnivores are still good, since they have a high base damage and health and their Critical ratios are over 20%, maybe the other members of the team are the ones you need to worry about.

My Allosaurus is level 25.5 and doing great in Arena 8! Has given me many victories! So, as MightAnt43 said, you are probably going through a bad phase…

Some chompers require buffing, Tryko is the perfect example. I still level her because she’s super Rex but she really doesn’t do much even at level 26

:anguished: you just yanking my chain?

Lol I don’t get it you saying that your allosaurus somehow had defence shattering rampage up till now?? Or that you used to get more crits? All the “biters” have different moves rajasaurus is a counter Dino not a “biter”. “biters” are actually antiarmour not tanks/armour! And allosaurus never had dsr it’s Rex with the satisfying second bite!

Think he meant there has been a lot less crita from the big guys as of late. Think a round to the dentist is in order.