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Anyone else notice this about Scorpius Gen 2 and 3?

So I was recently checking the JWA news and saw the Scorpius Rex news, and I noticed that Gen 2 seemed to have less blue and red marks and more red on the snout, while Gen 3 had horns above its eyes, spikes on its body, and more quills than usual (that were colored blue too). Perhaps this is teasing that we’ll get an improved model of Scorpius Gen 2 and 3?


That’s already the official image, so I don’t think we’re getting a model update.

Would be nice though.

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Aw that sucks, it would be nice though

Yeah, quite disappointed about that, the gen 3 horns would have at least provided some variation from the others other than a new paint job. Still holding out hope ludia could update the model to give it the horns that are included on official promos and even on its card, and its not like they haven’t done model changes before, sucho had an entire appearance update


I hate old sucho so much.


Looked like a monster from a swamp like a croc, sad I never saw it in game as I did like it, but I’m fine with what they did and what version was

The only update i’d want for Scorp is the proper CC sounds

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I’d love that, plus animations that actually use its tail for its toxic tail moves and the gen 3 horns

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I would like for the image to make the creature (mainly gen 3) so I hope they update it.

Oh yeah, definitely should add the CC sounds to replace the current ones