Anyone Else on a Losing Streak?

Since the update I can’t seem to win a battle. I loose 6-7 gos just to win 1. Anyone else experiencing this? Like I have pretty good dinos but it seems they suck now? :disappointed_relieved:

Yep same. I really need to let it cool down. Tired of fighting level 30’s at 4700 trophies

I had almost 3200 trophies and now Im down to 2800 and can’t seem to go back up. :sob:

A few times opponents got invisible Dinos and countdown is 15 secs. Turn the game off n on again it says opponent win. They’ve got no rank no name but I still loose trophies ggrrrr

Some are losing trophies to wining a match, be sure to check that this isn’t happening to you as well :sunglasses:

I haven’t fought a single match since about a week before the last tournement ended, like 3 to 4 weeks ago.

I dropped to 4300-ish and just got my way back up. Opened 3 hour incubators with cash so I had space and got to 4500 just in time Screenshot_20181125-164852_JW%20Alive

It’s the opposite for me. I haven’t changed my team since the patch and I seem to be kicking some major butt. 5 wins to 1 loss lately. But I’m still only halfway through lockdown.

Went from out of top 500 to under 150 in 3 days with following team.

Maybe it will help you rearrange your team.

Had losing streaks two days, now I’m starting to climb back up.

I take it back I just hit my losing streak and I’m now down to 4303 hopefully be back up soon

This is for people above 2500 u wont survive if your dinos are still epics and rare after that. The only way you can win is too get ultra lucky and get all the crits and stuns. So meh.