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Anyone Else Playing Diplovenator?

So I recently went down some levels to try some new Dinos. It was just getting incredibly boring in Library with all the same over-boosted stuff. And at that level, I had to pretty much play the same dinos for the most part.

Anyway, I wanted to try out some of my unleveled, unboosted and unloved dinos. I put a level 16 Diplo on my team, and I really like this little guy. I mean it’s situational, but I have taken out level 22 dinos with it (and probably made them really angry along the way). I wish it had a little more speed, but I don’t want to boost any of these. Has anyone else been using it? Or maybe you have found some other unloved dinos that have a great kit?

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I have used Diplovenator in Aviary for some time, and it hasn’t really helped me most of the time. I’m sure it’d be useful if it has some boosts on it, but otherwise it’s a meh creature.

I would say that the only way this cute little guy/girl to be useful is to boost his speed so he can counter thors and other “speedy” chompers.

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It was actually on my team last night… the lvl 17-19s…and the one “freak” to see how much it hurt a person to dump all their boosts into one dino.

Diplo had its moments but it was a purely situational member… he is not a bad dino… but he suffers from the immune meta as his kit is all about distraction… good thor counter if you can find a thor slower.

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My son who is in the Aviary at 48** faced one last night at level 28 and highly boosted. It took two of his dinos out and damaged the third sufficiently to let his rat finish it off for a 3-0 victory.

I’m not sure if it was the level or the boosts that led to this, but a Diplovenator at a speed of 150 would hurt my team too, which is in lower Library. Some may say this is the idea behind boosts, to make more dinos viable. I say that may be so, but there will never be balance when this is possible.


I have one at level 21 I used for quite a while. Unfortunately in this meta his attacks paired with his slow speed really make him underwhelming. they need to remove distracting impact for nullifying and he would be much better. 3 distraction moves is not a good move set

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It has worked pretty for me, but is probably only good at lower levels. People don’t seem to get how many distractions is has and that it can double distract. Also it has a passive attack. I had someone with low health do a swap out attack, killing their own dino. I doubt more experienced players would make that mistake. They also don’t swap in their immune dinos as often as one would think. Again, might not work too well in mid-aviary and above or with experienced players in lower arenas.

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SHe is great in certain situations and when he worked he worked beautifully. I would love to use her again. Boost 1.0 she was super relevant for me but now needs way too many boosts to be relevant. I’ve used it on tryko for the opponent doing 0 damage. But on the other hand she is useless vs Indo, indo g2, erlidom, magna, maxima straight up which is the majority of what I see now. I so want her to be buffed or get a hybrid because I love the look and play style of her

A hybrid would be cool. Did have someone bring in their Indo once,even at these lower levels. That was pretty much the end of her. :slight_smile:

I like her kit in the right situation, but have not spent any coins to level her and I would not put boosts on her either.

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I don’t but is very useful against those tryko’s and Thor’s.

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I think it would be great if one of the 3 distracts was a nullify then she would be viable


If it lives a 2200 + guaranteed crit attack as it’s most certainly bring outsped by a 135 speed thor haha

Love playing the one on my son’s account in Lower Arena 9. I could never get her to my team level in the Depot and don’t have the boosts it would take.

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