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Anyone else regret the Tower purchase?

I greatly enjoy this game, and intentionally spend $ on things like JW to promote them. So I have no problem doing so.

But this Resource Tower purchase…it doesnt actually give you any resources.

Anyone else suprised by this as well?

Also, when do I get a 2nd Hatchery?

I don’t regret it… It would have been extremely nice if the resource tower did provide decoration boosts, but it’s not a big deal to me honestly.

I’m mainly upset with Ludia’s squeezing of DB’s. They are getting better with it, but I still think VIP’s should be able to trade directly for DB’s like we used to.

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The resource towers definitely are really nice to have, have you not gotten the free ones yet? I think most players know how they work and wouldn’t expect any resources from them, and since we get I think four of them in the game for free, and eventually your park badge will cover such a large part of the park by itself, not sure many players would have paid that much for the pack just to get another.

Not sure what you mean about a 2nd Hatchery.

I did not waste one thought to pay for a tower, something we got for free in the past.

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I believe you get them at certain levels of your park, I have five of them, have not paid for a single one, they are huge time savers, but I can’t spend $50 for one (in the latest park pack), $5-10 maybe, but for sure not $50.

You have four hatchery pods, one free three at a cost for each use. Not sure this will ever change.

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Yeah I’m pretty sure I didn’t pay for any of them either… I did store most of them away in favor of more decorations in the park. The Indominus Rex badge collector pulls in most of the coins in my park anyway.

Maybe when they introduce more levels we will get another tower at some point.
The badge collector is great, but I have to wait 3 hours, a period were many dinos stop generating coins.

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Right… that’s the main reason I like the towers, to collect coins whenever I go into the game, I specifically keep anything that regenerates in less than 3 hours packed around them. I haven’t reached the I-Rex beacon yet anyway so there are several parts of my park it doesn’t reach.

You’ll get your first free tower at level 30, and then you get more free towers every 10 levels after that. So you will get them at 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70. Once you hit level 75 you should have 5 of them.

I’m not level 80, so I cannot confirm whether or not you get a 6th tower for free at 80, but my assumption is yes.

Anyone at level 80 that can confirm a 6th resource tower for free?

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I don’t believe you do, haven’t seen any of the players that spent the DBs to level up immediately to level 80 mention it. And it wouldn’t make much sense for them to be trying to sell one if they did.

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I have 5, but my wife and son each have 6

I’m at 80 and I have 6

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Did you get one when you hit 80 or is it from some long time ago promotion? Only asking as I know you have played for much longer than I have and trying to figure out if I have one to look forward to at 80 or if I just have to hope Ludia offers one up as a special promotion where it is not $50.

I’m not entirely sure, TBH. I’ve had all but two of my towers stored away for a long time. I think it was because of Level 80, because I definitely never went out of my way to buy any towers.

I think giving only VIP’s the option the trade Dino Bucks would be a nice balance, and for Ludia, It would help them draw more people to get become VIP.

My main issue, is the fact they don’t try to tell us “yeah, we’ve now removed ‘example that gives dino bucks’.” They sort of left to us to discover this stealth nerf. (sadly like many game companies today. Fallout 76, god, that game is awful)

Having said that, I am still surprised people that help run the forum like @Ned aren’t given VIP for free, it might be a minor complaint. But i think considering how much they take the brunt of people anger, they should at least be given some kind of compensation.

So, @Ned If you or someone in the staff is noticing this. Then feel free to let the development team know about this idea.


Thank you for the suggestion, @Sharpestedge_15g. I’ll take note of your idea and I’ll share it with our team. :slight_smile:

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