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Anyone else remember the blue, green and red daily holiday gifts from last christmas?

do you think they, or atleast very something similar will return this year aswell? or do you think we’re going to get something completely different? or nothing super special at all besides that one guaranteed legendary creature and guaranteed unique creature attemps, which ever creatures that ends up being…


I can’t remember anything special about last year, but I probably just forgot.

I do recall what the line-up was though…


if i remember right they basically looked like treasure chests with blue, green and red wrapping papers.
and you could collect 1 holiday gift/present daily


Last week I was actually hoping they would pop up, but Ludia seems to have lowered the amount of gifts they give us over the past year…

actually they didn’t start dropping/spawning until december 10th last year, so if they are by any chance returning this year i’d assume they’ll pop up by december 10th this year aswell, which would be next week

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That would line up with the release of JWE: Return to Jurassic Park DLC

Yeah I remember now that you’ve mentioned it. That was an awesome event.

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Oh yeah. Those were amazing. :slight_smile:

heck yeah! looks like they are in fact returning! :smiley::sunglasses:

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Is there any info about what changes when you are closer or further away from the gift when you click it?

i don’t know, as the ones from last year were back when you still had to be at a fairly close range (see screenshot/image below) to be able to open chests or supply drops or do strike events.

though i would still recommend close rang just in case :wink:

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