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Anyone else see this on their game?

I noticed this when I went to make sure I would be getting the proper rewards for this week. I wonder if it’s just a visual glitch or if we’ll miss out on the rare DNA and get more Purussaurus.


No I got it also. Assuming it’s just a visual bug

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I hope it’s just a visual bug. My Alliance usually gets 3-3 so I hope I get the rare DNA and not just more Purussaurus.

Thank you, I have flagged this and sent it to the dev’s to be looked at.


I did see this on mine yesterday and I didn’t get the DNA for it either this morning…I wonder if it’s related? I’m not the only one one in my Alliance that didn’t get it.

I hope they fix it then, before it comes to that.

Yeah, I have a lot of DNA for it so I kinda didn’t notice until my Alliance started posting in our chat.

Hi everyone, the problem was a visual discrepancy and the devs were able to change the image to the correct one. Thank you all for bringing this to our attention.

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