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Anyone Else Seeing the Same Creature Over and Over and Over and...?


Is anyone else getting flooded by just one specific creature?

For the past few weeks, Diplocaulus has been beyond common in my neighborhood; there are times it’s the ONLY virtual creature on the map, and shows up so often that I’ve taken to avoiding firing darts at 'em unless I’m bored.

Case in point: I decided to use a large scent capsule this evening (beats doing homework). I open up the map, and lo & behold, the only creature in range is… a Diplocaulus. I ignore the beast and fire up the capsule. The 1st creature to spawn: Diplocaulus. The 2nd creature to spawn: Diplocaulus The 3rd: Diplocaulus. The 4th… well, let me get to the point: EVERY creature that spawned from a 20-minute scent capsule was a Diplocaulus (plus the one that I saw nearby when I started the app is still sitting there staring at me).

This kind of thing happens so often that I currently have a level 15 Diplocaulus in my collection plus 22,218 extra DNA (it only takes 3000 to get to level up, which I haven’t done because I’m saving coinage to evolve some other dinos). When the scent capsule was done, the map had a Tuojiangosaurus waaay off at the extreme right, a Velociraptor waaaay out dead center, and a Gen 2 Irritator waaaay out to the extreme left… plus two more Diplocaulus (301’ and 833’).

I’m beginning to think I’m fated to become the Bubba Gump of the Diplocaulus world. (“Welcome to Diplocaulus Junction! Tonight’s menu includes steaks, fingers, roasts, sausages, gumbo, soup, stew, jerky, bacon, paté…”)

Is anyone else getting flooded by a single type of animal like this, or am I just… lucky?


It’s just L3 reality. :grin::rofl::joy:

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Same here only with tons of Einias.


This is Ludias 1.5 enhanced spawn system… all 4 locals have one common that just spawn way more then anything else. My best advice rignt now is to try your hunting to at night… because atleast at night their are tarbos.and velos to break and really you can never have enough tarbo and velo.

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Everyone is in this situation:

If you live in zone 1 you are flooded with majundasauros
If you live in zone 2 you are flooded with Einasauro
If you live in zone 3 you are flooded with Diplocaulus
If you live in zone 4 you are flooded with Suchumimus

I understand that this is designed so that the different areas have an interesting rare each (majundasuchus, einasuchus, diplotator, Suchotator) and that in battles there are different creatures , a good idea, but I think there are so many that all you get is people tired of the game that from time to time opens the game, sees those creatures and closes it again. I speak regularly with the people of my alliance and almost nobody catches these creatures. I pick them up if I do not have anything else to do, especially suchumimus.

I am usually in zones 1, 2 and 4 but almost never in zone 3 and there are some creatures that I need (allosauro, postosuchus, tuojaingosauro and monolophosaurus). Today I woke up early to go to the only place I know zone 3 and open a 20 minute capsule hoping to find some of these creatures. What have I found? 0 of these creatures, 14 diplos (I have collected do or three) and a pair of velociraptors and tarbosauro, useful but common in all areas.

Does anyone want one of these four creatures when opening a capsule? If you are from that area, although it may be useful for your “rare zone hybrid” you have hundreds at your disposal and if you are not from that area, that hybrid is not interesting because you lack components and you go there especially to find other creatures.

I hope someone realizes that things like this are driving players out of the game.


Not at all.

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I try to catch as many suchomimus as I can when I’m out because I know they’re useful, but there are SO. MANY. I try not to use scents anymore because that’s all I get, and darting them is getting tedious and depressing. Whenever a new one spawns I just sigh and feel that much more disinclined to open the game again.

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I can feel your pain as I’ve been going through the same agony


It’s ridiculous.

What’s more disheartening is living in L1, playing since the second or third month of release, and seeing maybe 3 wild sinoceratops outside of any events, since the day I started.

Majung? Stopped darting it long ago unless I’m bored.

PoGo has far better spawn mechanics.
I understand they have new creatures released… maybe time for me to switch back.

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Well I think you’ve seen more sinos than me and I live in the same area! At least it is an epic that is supposed to be difficult to see but I do not see dilos that are just rares from the same area.

As I said before, I try to be fair and as an original idea it could make sense but now it is counterproductive, and after version 1.5 the thing has gotten worse.


I dart them all. About the time they change spawns, move locals or put out a new version they might have a nice hybrid then you will never see them again. It has happened before, it could happen again.

Think back to the horrible Euoplocephalus epidemic everyone was griping about. What did the gripe turn into when Tragodistis came out?

I might stop darting them when I have the useless common at level 20 and 200k in storage.

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Getting to the point where I wish I saw many of the same.

Thought about quitting, but looking like the developers are making that choice for me, if there’s nothing there, you can’t play.
2 creatures where many used to spawn


See what I have got so far



Einosaurus and Euoplo are everywhere for me. If I’ve got darts I dart 'em! Even if you don’t use them, your alliance members might need them later on.


This should be normal if you are in zone 2 but that is not normal for me when I am in zone 2. I need many euphles to evolve my tragodistis, I have spent three days in zone two and have only seen three euphles while I have seen More than 100 Enyo. For me it is clear that the common “Anytime” appears much more usually by day than the common “Day / Down / Dusk” of the same area.


Welcome to Z3 for the past few months. I’m lucky to see anything else.


Well, funny you should bring that up…