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Anyone Else Seeing These Problems?

So far in the past 24 hours:

  • I go to put a specific creature into a sanctuary and the system tells me I can’t put members of my team into a sanctuary. This creature is a level 11 – literally one of my weakest creatures – and is nowhere near my team, but I ended up having to skip it.
  • In PvP battle, I’m trying to decide how to handle a super-boosted opponent, make my decision, and tap on my choice just as the timer counts down to 3 seconds. There is a delay of at least 5 seconds, and a totally different member of my team shows up in the arena.
  • In PvP battle, for the 1st round I find my L23 Indo facing an L25 Indo. We both choose Evasive Stance for the 1st move, the very next move my opponent 1-shots me with nearly 4000 hit points.
  • My map shows SIX strike towers in range. I tackle the 1st on the right and when I’m done discover that 4 of the towers were the exact same thing & are now “completed,” leaving only 2 others – which are also identical to each other.
  • I have a map with at least 5 creatures showing on it, I tap on one, and the map goes blank with no creatures, no drops, no towers, no nuthin’.
  • I finally (after getting repeatedly slaughtered) manage the 10 necessary kills in PvP battles to earn a battle incubator and nothing happens when I tap on it. For the next several minutes, nothing happens when I tap on it, even after I go back to the map & dart a dino, check my team, etc. I finally force-quit (because the map was again blank) and when I come back there is no record of my achieving 10 kills, no “you missed these,” just the usual notice that “Defeat 10 Creatures” will again begin in a little over an hour.

I’d love to love this game, but it’s becoming steadily more difficult to even barely like it. I’ve had to force-quit it more times than all my other apps combined and the bugs just keep coming…

  1. That creature is probably in your Friendly Battle team.
  2. Ludia bugs that they refuse to fix, woohoo.
  3. The enemy Indo used DSR and hit through your Evasive Stance. Seeing the 4k damage probably means it was a Crit as well.
  4. This is exactly how Strike towers are laid out on the map. Not a problem.
  5. More Ludia bugs they refuse to fix. Double woohoo.
  6. And once again, more Ludia bugs. Gotta love it. Triple woohoo.

That sounds like really bad luck. I’ve had a Dracoceratops not only pass through my evasion (25% chance), but also land a crit at the same time (5% chance).

That said, dodge fails so often for me I’m at the point where I no longer bother relying on it unless it’s a last resort.

Minimise the game and re-enlarge it. They should come back. I get this with sanctuaries on my map.

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