Anyone Else Seeing Too Few Stops At Major Landmarks (MOA)


So… living in Minnesota means games like PoGo and JWA can really only be played 6 months out of the year because nobody is gonna go walk around in 20 inches of snow and ice or in -20 F weather. Places like the Mall of America are pretty much our only big indoor option for getting out and walking around in the cold months. So I came to MOA all excited to see what the team at Ludia had done with such a massive US landmark. Below is MOA in Pokemon Go and MOA in Jurassic World Alive. I absolutely LOVE JWA, but going to big destination places to see how cool it is in games like this is like half the fun! And there’s a big difference between the below scene in JWA and PoGo. Is there any plans to expand this and other major landmarks? I sure hope so!


Same in my country area!!!


So what ? PoGo is one game this is other game.
They dont have to make same stops or that much stops at some area


It’s absolutely a problem. If you go to the Eifel Tower or to Big Ben or to Times Square and there’s just nothing there, but the local park has 37 stops… that’s a problem. Storefronts and sponsors are a huge part of how this game will make money (via sponsored stops like Walmart and AMC). Having stops existing in one of the largest malls in the world is a very good idea.


My local parks have ONE!!!