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Anyone Else Seeing WEIRD Damage Numbers?


Okay, I had something happen twice to me today that I’ve never seen before, and I’m wondering if anyone else is having this happen.

During two completely separate battle sessions (once I got through the timeouts!), I was fighting an opposing dino with damage numbers below 1000… In one case, one of my dinos got totalled with a single attack that inflicted well over 4000 points in damage, and in another by a single attack that inflicted well over 7000 points in damage. (Mind blown.)

I don’t remember seeing the icon for any boosts being used in either case – but that doesn’t really matter since when tapped on during the battle both of these opponents were rated below 1000 damage points (I know that one was specifically rated at 899, I don’t remember the exact value for the other). Were these more bugs to be added to the current version’s long list, or does the system no longer give accurate numbers when an opponent is tapped on during battle… or something else entirely?

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Would be very helpful to know which dinos you were up against, their level, and which moves they were using :slight_smile:


Rend? I really dunno but maybe?


The only weird numbers I’ve noticed is when it does 1 or 2 less damage than your actual attack power. It seems we have some rounding issues again.


I don’t enjoy this


Is it so difficult to have a calculator ingame? Lmao they won’t fix it until 1.8 or later

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I can do the math in my head but its frustrating when a dino is left standing with 1 health when your attack power says it should’ve killed it


Erlidom on dracocera. Apparently 2006x2 is 2010. According to ludia. Meanwhile dracocera standing there with 1 hp laughing at ludias math.

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I don’t mean you man. I mean ludia. It’s simple math why won’t they get it right?


I’ve tried remembering the specifics but just can’t. Meanwhile, aside from the stupid Horned Rats being astonishingly overpowered, today I had a marginally boosted level 16 Sinoceratops (2486HP, 829D, speed 121) killed by the very first attack from my opponent that scored 4200-and-something points. I don’t remember the specific dino (I was kind of in shock!), but I remember I had just enough time to tap on it and see that if made a 2x attack I should still have had a couple of hundred hit points left.

Even better… twice so far today, smack-dab in the middle of a battle, I’ve gotten the “Your match has timed out, please try again” message and the battle has vanished as if it never began, and another battle timed with no opponent being found only for me to turn my phone back on 20 minutes later to get the message I had lost the nonexistent battle 3-2. I’m going to write those beauties up in the Bug Reports thread… And Ludia still needs to fix the @%#&! drone controls, I’m lucky to get 5, maybe 6 hits of any kind on just about any creature now. This game is a lot less fun than before the “update”…


even my t-rex did 1799 damage with a strike.


So maiasaura at 26 does 1000 damage, so instant rampage should do 2000 damage correct? So why did a brachiosaurus with 1900 health survive? :thinking:


It’s most likely rounding issues. I suspect whole numbers are displayed but the internal numbers are precision. It’s those fractions that can skew expected results.

Not sure how exactly the rounding methods Ludia uses to display whole numbers, but if your damage is displayed as 100 how much damage do you expect to do if you increased damage 50% and then do a 2x damage attack. You would think it should be 300. If internally the damage was actually 99.6 then the result would actually be 298.8 which would display as 299. Now suppose the dinosaur you thought you were going kill had 300 health but internally it was 300.45. 300.45 - 298.8 = 1.65 (which displays as 2).


Brachi has 10% armor and unless the rampage attack ignores armor the Brachi would mitigate 200 of the damage and only take 1800 damage.

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Doesn’t Brachi have 10% armor?


That’d make sense. Getting acquainted with these newer creatures through this tournament!