Anyone else sick of the flying dinos?


I think they made too many…would have enjoyed them more if it was 1-2 commons, 1 epic, and 1 legendary.

Tired of seeing them everywhere and not much use in battles. Plus, the one with the TRex type of head isn’t even in the game. He’s pictured in back right of loading screen.


That’s Dimorphodon… it’ll probably come soon

The first loading screen had pterosaurs in it and they weren’t in the game yet :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah this weekend is awful. Strike events and green supply stops are ALL flyers. And I work next weekend so it’ll probably be something good like baryonyx!


Ive loved it. Nice to have a chance to get stuff at a usable level - especially when locked behind arena 9.


I’m starting to wonder what the point is. Just learned today (from Strike Event) that a level 30 birdie is really powerful (Surprise!) and can’t be instantly taken out by my V-raptor. Level the flyers up to 30 and they’re actually useful, but couldn’t you say the same about any dino?


same, i also think they look cool, are fun to dart and give the game new life.

then again, i’m playing a game, unlike some of the people here who seemingly downloaded the app solely to complain.


Haha well said.


I’ve totally just looked at your profile picture that is amazing!!


Ha. Thanks! Some fun stories from them too. Good guys.